Willow Smith Hairstyles Ideas

Willow Smith, who is only thirteen years old, started her career as an actress in 2007, and later she impressed everyone with her first single “Whip my hair”. Teenagers all over the world loved the song and the look Willow had in her video. Willow Smith hairstyles contributed on making her even more famous then she was. She is definitely an inspiration when it comes to fashion tips for teens.

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She is the daughter of the great actor Will Smith, but she doesn’t need her father’s name anymore. She is already a known artist and a fashion icon among the teenagers. The singer impresses everyone with her great attitude and appearance, and the reason why the Willow Smith hairstyles are an inspiration for everyone is because they are unique and fashionable.

We invite you to see which the easiest ways to obtain her look are:

1. The side swept hairdo will really help you to stand out in a crowd. You don’t have to worry about cutting your hair short on one side like she did, because that won’t be necessary. If you want to obtain the same aspect, you just have to braid three cornrows on one side of your head and the visual impact will be the same. Use a straightening plate for the rest of your hair and pull it in the opposite side of the cornrows. Now you are ready to party!

2. One of the Willow Smith hairstyles involves using a lot of hair spray in order to style your hair in a tall updo shape. It is a cool look you can wear everyday with your jeans and a punk t-shirt.

3. The micro braids are the key in any of the Willow Smith hairstyles. You can make a tall ponytail from them, or you can just let them fall over your shoulders. Either way, you will look fabulous.

4. From time to time, the young singer likes to cut her hair short around the sides and keep the top long. However, we don’t recommend you to cut your hair just because it looks good on someone else. You would have to arrange it constantly in order to look fashionable and you won’t be able to adopt any classy looks any more. At least, not as easy as you used to do it before.

As you can see, despite the fact that she is very young, Willow keeps up with all the latest fashion tips for teens. If you want to achieve a similar style, our advice is to braid your hair on each side of the head. You can wear the top slicked-back and obtain the same result as if you would have cut you hair. If you get tired of this type of hairdo, you can use a straightening plate in order to curl it and add some volume.


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