Why using a hot tub while being pregnant

Little things like staying in a hot tub can bring you multiple benefits while being pregnant. When you soak in a hot tub your body falls into a deep relaxation state, and both you and your baby will feel better after spending some time there. Many persons say that water has the almost magical power of relaxing pregnant women, and if you are looking online, you will find many moms that share their experience of relaxing in a hot tub while being pregnant.  Therefore, if you plan to get pregnant or you are already expecting a baby, you should look for hot tubs Ajax, and install one of them in your house.

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How hot tubs help pregnant women

It is widely known that pregnant women have pains and pregnancy aches and sitting in a hot tub seems to be the right antidote for them. They should avoid taking baths in water that maintains their body temperature higher than 101 Fahrenheit, but they can lay in warm water. Some hot tubs could be programmed to lower the temperature setting, and when they are installed at home, women will not be fully immersed into water and their upper body will be exposed to the room’s air temperature. Also, when you lay in a hot tub at home you should know that water starts to cool in a short while, and this decreases the danger of overheating. Pregnant women feel relaxed only when they stay in the water, because it helps them soothe aching muscles. Warm water it also reduces the awkward feeling of carrying much weight in your belly. Warm water will help you in the first and third semester, when fatigue is highly present. You can boost your level of energy by a dip in the water and if you have a hot tub at home, you can practice aerobics for pregnant women in the water. Warm water helps you to relief the pressure felt by your body because of the buoyancy. Other major benefit from exercising in water while being pregnant is than you can have a better control of your weight gain. It also reduces back pain and you will not be so much prone to suffer from postpartum depression.

The benefits of water birth

If you have a hot tub at home, you can choose to give birth into warm water. Alternatively, you can stay there while the labor and get out for delivery. This process is gentles for the baby, because he stayed in the amniotic fluid for nine months and water is an environment that will be less stressful and gentler for both the baby and his mother. Warm water will help you reduce the stress related hormones and will allow your body to produce endorphins, which will act like pain-inhibitors. You should know that water helps your perineum become more elastic and relaxed, and in this way will reduce the severity of tearing. Warm water will help you relax while being pregnant and while labor, so invest in a hot tub.


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