Wear your hair in a fashionable way – use ribbons

Every woman wants to be a little fashionista, and almost every one of them envies the look of Parisian women, because they seem to look stylish without making any effort. Well, in a way that is the key, they just opt for a natural look, and from time to time, they add a pop of style by wearing an accessory as a ribbon. Just take a look online, and you will notice that plenty of celebrities opt for this hairstyle, and they look effortlessly chic. And if you cannot find the type of ribbon you want in a local shop, you should take a look on an online store like Colour Ribbons, because they offer plenty of models, from which you can choose. Here are some ideas on how you can style your hairstyles with ribbon.

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Like a young Catherine Deneuve

If you have no idea how Catherine used to wear ribbons in her hair, you should take a look at photos of her and you will instantly understand. Therefore, this style is perfect for women with long hair, because you will have to curl your hair, messed it up, but only a bit and put half of it into a pony. After doing this, you should choose the ribbon you want to use, in a powdery colour and tie it in a bow. You would attach it to your hair with a bobby pin, by simply passing it through the knot.

Choose a Kiko Mizuhara hairstyle

This is one of the most complicated hairstyles you can do with the help of a ribbon, but it is totally worth it. Depending on the colour of your hair, you should choose a ribbon in a shade that would contrast with your hair, and lay it across your head. You should use the stripe of ribbon as it were a lock of hair, and section your hair in two separate braids. After you braid the ribbon in your hair, you only have to secure their bottom with an elastic, and fasten them to the top of the head with the help of bobby pins.

Chanel elegant look

For this look, you should opt for a black ribbon, which has to be tied in a bow and simply let your hair loose and secure the bow on the top of your hair with a bobby pin. You can accessorize the bow with a broach if you want to achieve a more festive look.


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