Using fashion to make a statement: three attention-grabbing outfits

Fashion is definitely a topic of interest for both men and women. However, given their desire to look good and be admired, women are drawn to fashion more than men. This has had a strong effect upon fashion, as the number of designers specialised in fashion for women is higher than that of fashion designers for men.  The even better thing about this domain is that you can add all sorts of accessories to your outfits, making them even more interesting and admired. If you only knew that with a few affordable ribbons you could have some real attention grabbing outfits, absolutely perfect for a night out or sophisticated party. Here are a few outfit ideas you could give a bit of thought.

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Talking about ribbons


Some of the most elegant accessories are the never dying ribbons. If you get your hands on a bows made from velvet, you are in luck. This detail alone will turn a simple outfit into an elegant, high class one. But how do you add this accessory on your outfit? Well, just to clarify one issue, from the start, you need a simple dress. The ribbon can be added on the shoulder, on one side or on the lower back, if you have a backless dress. You could even add the ribbon of the waistline as well and if you have a perfect figure, you will certainly highlight it!


70s shirt and pants


Surely you know that fashion keeps coming back. So, this year, the 70s fashion is once again popular. If you want an outfit that can draw attention, you should definitely try the pants and shirt combination. The pants should be Palazzo style, having an interesting pattern, perfect for summer. You get a pair of high heels and a silk, high neck shirt and you are perfectly dressed for an elegant roof top party. All the pieces of this outfit can be worn separately and will look amazing.


When the scarf says it all


It is surprising what a simple, silk scarf can do for an outfit. Imagine this. Imagine wearing a pair of high waist pants, black ones, similar to a pair of skinny jeans. Combine them with an all white blouse and add a scarf. You will want colours, lots of them. So, if possible, choose a scarf, which has a lovely, jovial patter, rich in colours. Once again the pieces of this outfit can be worn separately and the scarf will make a lovely addition to any jacket, welcoming the sun in cloudy days.


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