Trendy T-shirt printing ideas

By now you’ve probably heard about the fashion phenomenon that is T-shirt screen printing and it’s not difficult to understand why custom printed clothes are sometimes more popular than mass market options. In a world where people all start to wear the same fashionable uniforms, custom made clothes come as a breath of fresh air, allowing people to express who they are and what they like. When it comes to choosing something to print on a T-shirt, possibilities are endless. You can let your creativity run wild and upload your images or texts on sites like Here are some popular things that people like to print on their clothes.

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Funny or inspirational text


Whether it’s your favorite movie quote, a funny catchphrase or an inspirational sentence, text is perfect for custom T-shirts. Depending on the length of text you would like printed, you can probably choose between different fonts. Keep in mind that the whole purpose of this text is to be read by people, so try not to pick a small, overly intricate font that takes more than a few seconds to figure out.


Pop culture images


We are defined by the movies, TV shows, music and celebrities we like, so printing them on a T-shirt is a great way to express yourself. Witty T-shirts with cross-over pop-culture references are very popular right now, despite the fact that a few years ago they pertained to geek culture. You can print a photo of your favorite movie character or favorite band and you’ll definitely make a statement among all your friends. In this case, a photo is worth a thousand words, so don’t be afraid to experiment and try edgy, controversial images (as long as displaying them in public is legal in your country).


Photos of loved ones


Last, but not least, making custom T-shirts with photos of your loved one is a great idea, especially if you are thinking of offering a unique gift. There aren’t exactly the kind of T-shirts that you can wear in public all the time, but many people make them more versatile by printing cartoonish photos or caricatures. If you want to go with this idea, you can take things further by making T-shirts in pairs, such as the ones for couples or best friends. However, make sure you pick clear, flattering, high resolution photos, because selfies don’t look as amazing printed on a T-shirt.


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