This is how to wear skulls like a rock star


No self-respecting biker would be caught dead in public without at least one skull on their person. They have patches, jewelry, and all sorts of things on their riding bikes. If you want to be a hard-core biker, you need to wear a skull one way or the other. Wearing skulls makes you look cooler than wearing patches with rainbows and puppies on them. If you have never incorporated skulls in your wardrobe before, the idea of wearing a biker bracelet may seem intimidating. You should not fear. Wearing skulls is not as hard as you think. Be strong and courageous and advance into the world of skulls.

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Get your hands on skull jewelry

The craze for skull jewelry has certainly not died. Sure, you are not going to see ordinary people wearing skull rings, like Keith Richards from the Rolling Stones, but you are going to see skull jewelry on true bikers. Bikers do not wear skull rings or bracelets because they are associated with death. No. They wear them because they give them a distinct image. So, if you want to look as if you have just stepped out of your Harley, buy biker jewelry. Do not stop at rings and bracelets. There are many pieces for hard-core people, like earrings, chains, necklaces, and cuffs. For body accessories, check this website.

Wear sick skull shoes          

If you loathe wearing athletic shoes, you will definitely appreciate skull shoes. Skull shoes not only dress your feet and give you that extra edge, but also they are very comfortable. You should wear the skull shoes wherever you go. Keep things to a minimum level when it comes to rocking the skull shoes. If you add too many biker elements, you risk looking ridiculous. Since you do not yet master styling, it is best to stick to one focal point.

Try printed shirts  

Skulls shirts are not considered typical accessories, but this does not mean that you should not look at them. Shirts with prints will help you look as if you were one of the sons of anarchy. It makes no importance if the print is small or big. It just has to be there. Apparel with skulls has grown in popularity, so you will not have trouble finding printed tees with skull motifs. Since skull clothing is mainstream, you will find things that are far from being frightening. Do not buy from regular stores because they commercialize apparel that is amusing and even cartoonish. Buy from biker stores.  

Appearance is an issue in all environments. If you are going to ride the streets on your bike, you should better look the part. Skulls are not creepy. They are awesome and they will make you look like a rock star. Others will save their creativity for the weekend or special event, but you should not do the same thing. Once you get that biker look, stay true to it. Of course, you will look out of the ordinary, but at least you stay true to yourself.



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