Things you need to know before getting a tattoo


Committing to a tattoo is a huge decision, whether you want to honor an important event in your life or you are just passionate about body art. Taking into consideration that the ink is likely to last a life time, you do not want to make any mistakes. Doing your homework before making a decision is highly important and for this reason, we have gathered some relevant pieces of information that you need to know. 

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Look inside for inspiration

This basically means that the tattoo has to represent something special to you. If you just like the idea of getting inked, then you will probably get bored very soon. Professionals advise you not to search for inspiration on sources such as Pinterest or Instagram, because you will only end up with someone else’s idea and that is not original at all. Recent studies show that most individuals who decide to get inked do it because they want to have a lifetime memory of something that is really meaningful for them. That is one more proof of the fact that ink is art! If you have made up your mind, pick something you want on your skin forever then find designs on Only Tattoos that suit your style and personality. Needless to say, a skilled tattoo artist will be able to provide you with great ideas in terms of patterns and designs.  

Choose a professional artist

As mentioned above, a talented practitioner can make a huge difference. If you are passionate about tattoos, then you have probably seen dedicated TV shows with people who have taken this activity to a whole new level, transforming it into pure art. Besides actually drawing, their skills and tasks also include suggesting you the right design or offering you advice about how to make the ink last longer. A good tattoo comes out of great collaboration between the customer and the artist. However, keep in mind that famous artists have waiting lists and you may end up waiting months before they see you. Rest assured though, it is totally worth it!  

You need to prepare yourself

To begin with, you have to be mentally ready for putting ink on your skin, forever. Also, the pain is something you must consider before you hit the salon. No one will tell you it does not hurt, because they would lie. But, to make it all easier and bearable, there are certain things you can do to prepare your body and be more resistant:

  • Get a good night sleep. Consider getting inked a school exam, which means being tired is out of question. Sleep well, because this makes you less irritable and more resistant to pain.
  • Eat healthy. A full meal will definitely boost your energy and help you tolerate the pain. Besides that, it provides you the comfort you need before sitting on the salon chair.
  • Do not go drunk or hungover. In addition to the obvious discomfort this will create, there is one more reason why you should stay away from alcohol: it thins your blood, so you are likely to bleed more when the needle penetrates your skin.



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