The Punk Hairstyle

The punk movement started in the late 70s when punk rock music served as inspiration for fashion. The new trends included wearing a leather jackets, chains, a pair of ripped jeans and a punk hairstyle.

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Teenagers all over the world adopted crazy hairdos and extravagant clothes. They saw this as an opportunity to get out of their shells and impress with their rebellious attitude. However, we advice you not to pull off an all-out punk look, because it might start some controversies among your family and friends.

Explore your wild side sticking only to a punk hairstyle. Here are some ideas on how to achieve that.

1. Lose your ponytail and slick back your hair. In order to give it some edge, add a big volume on top of your head. If your hair is to soft and thin, and it doesn’t seem to keep its shape, tease it a little. Use some hairpins to fix the comb.

2. If you already have a short haircut you can style it by cutting short layers in it. Let the big bangs cover your forehead and arrange it to look like you just got out of bed. Add one clip accessory on each side of your head, and you can be confident you will obtain a cool and interesting look. In order to add more charm to your style, you should also check out some hair color ideas for short hair.

3. The mohawk punk hairstyle involves shaving the sides of your hair while living the top long. Keep in mind you will need to use a hair gel constantly to give it a stingy aspect.
However, this might seem a little extreme. So, we offer you an alternative which will help you obtain a similar result, without cutting a strand of your hair. You can simply braid your hair in one big cornrow starting from your forehead and back to the neckline. This hairdo is called the mokawk-style braid, and it doesn’t force you to do something maybe you’ll regret later.

4. An uneven fringe is a great way to show how original you are. Being unique and adopting a personal style is the most important thing for someone who doesn’t want to look like all the rest .

5. Consider changing the color of your hair. A punk hairstyle can be very easily recognized by the unnatural color it has, so, you can try everything you want. If you are bold enough you can choose to dye your hair blue, green or pink, or you can stick to the black color, because that has a great impact, too. However, keep in mind that the punk hair color ideas for short hair may not look as good on long hair.


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