The particularities of physiotherapy for women

Physiotherapy is a viable solution for numerous health conditions, its main benefit being that it is non-intrusive and that can have a positive impact on the general state of mind and attitude on life. Even though there are many clinics where you can have physio in Ottawa, it’s important to point out that physiotherapy specialists choose different practices depending on whether the patient is male or female. Women’s physiotherapy is based on the same principles as physiotherapy for men, but it stands out through several particularities. The female human body is prone to some specific conditions and physio sessions have an important contribution in treating them.

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One of the major particularities of women’s physiotherapy is that it offers dedicated treatments for pregnancy recovery. As beautiful and spiritually rewarding it might be, pregnancy does leave its mark on a woman’s body, causing discomfort, mainly in the form of back pain. In some cases, abdominal muscles can separate during the night months and physiotherapy can be used to fix this. Physiotherapy is considered to be one of the fastest and simplest way of dealing with these problems. women also prefer physiotherapy compared to other treatments, because it’s based on a safe, non-intrusive approach. In fact, there are some clinics that provide special sessions for mother and child. Some women also have physio after giving birth, in order to recover, but many of them also do this during pregnancy, to alleviate discomfort. In addition, it’s also possible to receive acupuncture and massage therapy, which is great for women who are often under stress and need to relax.


Unfortunately, arthritis is one of the leading causes of bone degeneration among women. In fact, women are much more women are prone to this condition than men, especially after the age of 45. As a result, a vast number of professional clinics in Ottawa have developed special programs for women who suffer from this condition. Even though most women imagine that muscle and bone problem come with old age, specialized centers warn them that this is not necessarily true and that sometimes treatment may be obligatory even in their 20s or 30s. An interesting case is the one of women who spend most of their time at the office, sitting on a chair for the largest part of the day. Problems will appear first in the form of bad posture, then as pronounced pain, localized around the neck and lower back. Most women ignore the problem, which only makes matters more uncomfortable. By going to physiotherapy sessions as soon as symptoms appear, you can prevent back problems from getting worse and you can avoid future complications.


Last, but not least, many clinics offer physiotherapy for women dancers and, of course, injury recovery. There are many professional clinics in Ottawa that you can choose from and it’s advisable to go to friendly and non-intrusive physiotherapy sessions instead of waiting and then having surgery or other radical treatments.


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