The HCG Diet Dangers

The human chorionic gonadotropin is a hormone that exists in a pregnant woman’s body and it is produced by a component of the fertilized egg. However, it can be seen by many people as an instrument to lose weight. Some endocrinologists used to prescribe this kind of obesity treatment to their patients years ago, although they knew which the HCG diet dangers were.

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In 2011, the United States FDA has declared HCG diet products illegal, and it has restrained their sale. This thing didn’t stop some doctors from continuing to use the hormones as a treatment for obesity and sell it on the internet using another label.

You need to be careful and reconsider the bad advice some physicians offer. They recommend this type of injections invoking the fact that giving the patients small doses of this hormone will help them lose an important quantity of fat while maintaining muscularity. In fact, what you should know is that people who try this kind of “medicine” are recommended to consume a very small number of calories per day, which can only mean starvation, and this is the real reason of their weight loss.

The U.S. Food and Drug Administration has approved this treatment only as a prescription to cure men’s and women’s infertility. If it is used constantly, it can cause some serious problems such as headaches, unhappiness and blood issues. You can experience insomnia, anxiety and you might have some pregnancy symptoms: sensitive breasts, water retention. Sometimes, HCG diet dangers involve causing an ovarian hyper stimulation which can lead to a rare syndrome that may be lethal.

There are certain tumors which produce this hormone, therefore, if a patient is found with a higher level of HCG than normal, it might lead to a cancer diagnosis, so the proper measures need to be taken immediately.

The most important thing we need to learn about HCG diet dangers is that they exist in a large number. If you want to lose weight, try to do it by respecting a healthy lifestyle and avoiding fast foods. We must not ignore the fact that such a diet can affect our lives in a negative way due to the fact that it is not safe. Furthermore, the injections with HCG are proved to be inefficient because they don’t reduce the appetite. The reason why people lose weight during this diet is because they are not allowed to eat more than 500 calories per day.


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