The Daily Skin Care Routine

It is a well known fact that a beautiful skin needs to be cared for. This applies to all categories of women, even the very young ones. When life was simpler and people ate healthy food, exercised and had little to no contact with pollution, they had no health problems and this was also reflected by a great skin. However, nowadays, our lifestyle doesn’t allow us to eat as healthy as we would want or to exercise as often as it is required. Furthermore, most of use live in the cities, where we are constantly exposed to pollution and other skin damaging elements. In order to make sure that our skin does not reflect all these negative influences, we need to commit to a rigorous daily skin care routine. Lets see how this routine should look like.

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  • Cleaning gel

The daily skin care routine starts with the cleaning gel. This is a product which removes the majority of the dust, makeup and dead skin cells from our skin. It should be used in the morning as well as in the evening, before going to bed. There are many types of gels, each one suited for various skin types or problems. Needless to say that you need to know what type of skin you have in order to pick the right product.

  • Tonic Lotion

Although the cleaning gel is a great product, it does have some downsides. For example, if it is too aggressive, it can leave some of its elements of the skin thus clogging the pores. Furthermore, it can leave the pores opened which makes them vulnerable to dust. The tonic lotion is great for removing any tracks left by the cleaning gel. Furthermore, it closes the pores and it gives you a refreshing sensation.

  • Moisturizer

This miracle product can not only maintain the natural beauty of the skin, but it can also fix a lot of existing problems such as wrinkles, rashes and so on. All you need to do is buy the product which matches your skin type. For problematic areas such as the skin around the eyes, there are special lotions which have more intense properties.

  • Makeup

After doing the 3 mandatory steps of the daily skin care routine, you can proceed to the makeup. Some might think that makeup is optional and it should not be included in the skin care routine. However, there are certain makeup products which hydrate and protect the skin. Most makeup products are suited for all types of skin. However, it is always better to search for professional products which are suited for your skin. Furthermore, you should also try to use products made from bio ingredients because they have less negative impacts on your skin.


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