The benefits of pregnancy massage

Pregnancy massage has always been popular maybe because pregnant women are prone to suffering from sore muscles, swelled feet and back pains. However, this type of massage is not used just for relieving pain, although this play a major role in its popularity, it is also efficient in improving the overall health of the future mom. Specialized Melbourne pregnancy massage services are renowned for their ability to help moms prepare for birth. Women that have difficult pregnancies are often recommended to find a therapist that specializes in pregnancy massage to help their bodies adjust for the new challenge and help with any discomfort. There are many benefits to this type of massage, but the most notable ones are the following:

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Pain relief

Being pregnant is wonderful and terrible at the same time. Wonderful because you carry life within you and you feel blessed to get the opportunity and terrible because your body aches and your feet are swelled all the time. What is more, it is hard to keep up a front and pretend that everything is fine when morning sickness also kicks in. Expectant mothers suffer from constant lower back pains, because of the added weight pressing on the vertebral column. The pressure on the back, neck and legs leads to edema which in turn affects the nerves and causes pain. Considering the fact that pregnant women are not allowed taking certain drugs, while pain killers are generally not recommended, the inflammation will persist for a long time. Regular pregnancy massage can solve this problem, because it significantly reduces the swelling and consequently the pain.


Improved circulation

An important health benefit to pregnancy massage is the improvement of the blood flow. An increase in the blood circulation is great for the mother and the baby, as it ensures essential nutrients and oxygen is provided to the baby. The boost will also ensure toxins are removed more efficiently from the organism.


Improved mood

Expectant mothers are famous for their mood swings and anxiety. The reason why most pregnant women suffer from stress and depression is the fact that their hormone levels are upside down. Massage therapy can help them relax and relieve the stress, which in turn helps them deliver safely. When the mother is feeling depressed, the baby also gets affected. Hormone changes should not be underestimated. Future moms should deal with their depression to ensure their babies will be healthy and happy.


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