The basic use of Restylane

Dermal fillers have become more and more popular among women who want to look younger, but are not ready yet for cosmetic surgery. There are many types of cosmetic fillers and they work in different areas, but their main goal is to reduce wrinkles and other signs of aging that appear on one’s skin. Restylane is one of the most popular dermal fillers on the market presently and women can find it in almost all dermatologists’ offices, but also online. In fact, many physicians buy these injections online as well, because there are many medical depots that provide the product at wholesale prices, which represents a great opportunity for dermatologists and even plastic surgeons. Anyway, the injections are so popular due to their rapid effect and the fact that these were practically the first cosmetic fillers of their kind. The injections are based on non-animal sourced hyaluronic acid, which helps the face look better and fuller.

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The basic use of Restylane is elimination or reduction of wrinkles, but it can also help with many other skin imperfections, especially in the face area. Nasal folds are among the most common issues of face skin and injecting this substance can help you get rid of them, as well as of the deep and fine lines in your face. There are different variants of Restylane, reason for which it is advisable to consult a dermatologist before purchasing any injection, not to mention the fact that you should have a professional and experience physician actually inject the substance, in a safe and sterile environment. Even though the 1 ml injections don’t require allergy tests, there are several side effects that can appear as a result of using this substance, such as redness of skin, swelling, soreness and, obviously, allergic reactions. A wise thing to do would be to carefully take knowledge of all the ingredients of the injections and make sure you are not allergic to any of them. It is also advisable for you to rest and not expose your skin to the sun after having the injection.


The bottom line is that Restyalne can help you look better, younger and revitalized. Signs of aging appear when your skin starts to loose its resource of hyaluronic acid, which is exactly the substance that these injections contain, therefore they have the power to replenish your skin with hyaluronic acids and rejuvenate it. Furthermore, your face will not only get rid of wrinkles and other lines, but also be highly moisturized, alleviating certain skin conditions, such as acne. Dermal fillers can really be the answer to a better, younger look, but it is important to consult a physician before using them and also to have an experienced doctor administer the injections, in order to get the desired results and reduce the potential side effects to a minimum.


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