Style your outfits with beautiful ribbons

Everyone uses ribbons to wrap presents or decorate their Christmas tree, but ribbons can be used in other more creative ways as well. With just a bit of creativity, you can use ribbons to accessorise your outfits in a unique, yet fashionable way. With just a few straps of ribbons rosette, for example, you can create a beautiful waistband or add a touch of colour to your favourite black handbag. Because, like most women, you probably get tired of wearing the same outfits more than once or twice, you can create the illusion of wearing different items, just by accessorizing them with some ribbons. Here are a few ideas you can use, when you want to give your outfits a touch of originality.


Ribbon collar for your little black dress

Every woman out there has a little black dress in her closet. If you enjoy wearing it, but at the same time, you want to add to your outfit a splash of colour, a fine strap of ribbon can be the perfect addition. Creating a collar out of ribbon will be a simple job, and the results will certainly be beautiful. All you need is a piece of ribbon in the colour you like best and a sewing machine. If you do not have a sewing machine, you can even saw the ribbon strap by hand. It will be easy and fun and you will have an entirely different dress to wear.

Ribbon accents for your clothes

Ribbon accents can be used for any white or black clothing item you have in your closet. You can create different patterns by sewing small pieces of ribbons on a plain white t-shirt. You can even use ribbons to accessorize your jeans or pants. Sew some pieces of ribbon on your pockets, and give your black skinny jeans an entirely different design.

Oversized handbag accessory

Ribbon handles can be extremely fashionable for any oversized handbag you own. You can either wrap the entire handle of the handbag in ribbon, or just create a big bow, what you think will go better with your outfit. You can replace the ribbon each time you feel like wearing a different bag. Purchase enough ribbons, of different patterns and colours, to match any outfit you might have in your wardrobe. All you need to do is look for a supplier online, which can put at your disposal and extensive variety of beautiful ribbons.


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