Services offered by therapists in North London

When finally deciding that counselling is necessary, one should focus on finding a true psychotherapist, capable of working with a wide range of problems. Due to the complexity of the modern society, individuals started to have various problems that can only be resolved by means of therapy.

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Counselling can be especially helpful to facilitate individuals with finding more effective coping strategies in the present and also to come to terms with issues from the past.   Therapists in North London and anywhere else for that matter have experience in working with a wide number of problems. Of course the most common of all is depression, usually caused by different unresolved issues, frustrations or difficult or traumatic situations that have had a significant impact upon the life of the individual.


Working together, therapists can help their clients find ways to escape their depression.  Another issue that clients might be facing at one point or another in their lives is anxiety. Sometimes, individuals find life challenging and this can bring with it anxiety or fear. Or individuals could have been faced with different types of trauma in their lives which significantly impact on them, and they need professional help to deal with.


As you can imagine, whatever the problem might be, it is wise to collaborate with trustworthy, truly dedicated psychotherapist in North London, among which is Mandy Walters. This psychotherapist can help clients meet their needs. Having undertaken a long training and gained much experience in her field, this counsellor will take great care of her clients and offer them a truly professional service.


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