Select the best soap for your skin type

Soap is not only the most ubiquitous hygiene product we use, but also one of the ways we keep our skins smooth and healthy. Choosing our soap has become a challenge in the past few years, because manufacturers have started to use more and more harmful ingredients and chemicals that deteriorate our skin, not to mention the practice of removing glycerin, the ingredient responsible with offering hydration, practice that leaves our skins drier with each use of beauty bars. It is therefore important to use organic handmade soap to ensure that your skin will not be damaged after using cleaning products with chemicals for a long time. Taking the fact that organic natural soap is the best choice for a beautiful skin, the next thing you need to do is choose the right type of soap for your skin type.

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When you have oily skin

It is common knowledge that skin produces sebum and that its production varies from person to person. Less known is the way in which sebum production levels affect our skin in the short and long time. If your sebaceous glands are overworked and produce too much oil, your skin will be oily and you will become more prone to develop acne. Oil facilitates dirt and residue accumulation, so having this type of skin means that you have to wash your face more frequently and avoid using certain types of soaps. People with oily skins should not use stronger soap, on the contrary, they should use soap that is gentle on their skins whilst removing extra oil. Strong soap will irritate and damage the skin further increasing the production of sebum. They should use organic handmade soap made from sea salt, peach pits or oatmeal.

When you have dry skin

People that have a low secretion of sebum encounter a different kind of problem, which is dry skin. Besides the fact that it feels arid at touch, dry skin will look older and unhealthy, not to mention that in time it will lead to serious deterioration of tissue. Selecting soap for dry skin is easier, because one needs to make sure that it contains glycerin. In this case, you should avoid industrial soap, because manufacturers have the glycerin removed to use it in producing moisturizing creams. You should also focus on purchasing organic handmade soap made from vegetable oils, butter and Aloe Vera, which have moisturizing properties.

When you have sensitive skin

People with sensitive skin should use soap that mention sensitive skin on the label. Never forget to check the ingredients written on the label especially if you react badly to some chemicals. Carefully check the pH levels, colorants and the perfume, because these factors influence how your skin reacts.

When you have normal skin

If your skin is not too dry or too oily, you are one of the lucky people that have normal skin. For this particular type of skin, there are no interdictions, but it is recommended to avoid using soap made for oily and dry skin, because they could unbalance your sebum levels.


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