Ribbons: fun and cheap decorative items

What woman out there is not a bit interested in the way she is dressed? It is impossible, if you are a woman, to completely disregard fashion. It is just in the nature of things. In fact, women go much further than keeping a close eye on fashion trends. They turn clothes into their best friends, so when fashion changes and they can no longer wear their beloved outfits, tragedy kicks in. While it might not be a solution, it can certainly be therapy. Instead of throwing your old clothes away, you could give them a new sparkle, add something new to them that might make you reconsider throwing them away. However, you must not spend too much money.  So, here is a thought for you. Find an online platform that sells affordable ribbons. Use these items in the most creative manner and save some of dearest outfits from extinction. If possible, before starting the transformation, check a few trends to know exactly what changes should be made.

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Ribbons for jackets


There is nothing more feminine than a jacket, an oversized jacket, decorated with a lovely bow. While the oversized aspect of your jacket offers that masculine touch, the ribbon will tone it down and add a bit of femininity. As you know, delicacy and femininity are highly popular at the moment being welcomed by some of the greatest designers in the entire world. When adding bows to jackets, you should consider their size as well. The bigger the better, when it comes to jacket accessories.


Accessories for blouses


Because there is nothing more delicate than a dusty pink, satin ribbon, it seems only correct to add this touch of elegance on your favourite blouse. This year is all about dusty, delicate colours. So, choose the blouses you want to save and start adding ribbons. This time you will want to go for simple designs, delicate colours like blue, beige or dusty pink, of small sizes. Add the bows on shoulder, near the cleavage even on the bottom of the blouse. As long as it is visible, you have done your job right.


Lovely, different scarves


You might say that scarves never run out of fashion. Well, some might. If you have a simple scarf and you would like to offer it some sparkle, some elegance, turn it into a unique accessory, then go right ahead, get our own colourful collection of ribbons and start sewing. Cover the scarf in ribbons and you will notice that when the job is done, you are left with an amazing accessory. You will be proud to wear it, even try to find all sorts of events worth of its aspect.



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