Reasons why women choose to buy one car over another

When selling your car, it is very important to know exactly your target audience. This is a marketing tip, and studies have recently shown that in terms of sells, women have different tastes in cars than men. A research specialized in analysing the automotive industry and the latest car buying trends revealed that while men will always opt for powerful vehicles, women prefer smaller vehicles, which are more agile and easier to handle.  Nowadays, there are many suppliers of certified pre owned cars in Ottawa, so purchasing a car at an affordable price is no longer that difficult. The preferences of the clients are not important only for social researchers, but they have also proven the power that women have in the decisions of automotive manufacturers, which have included the feedback in the way they design their products.

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Taking into consideration that gender preferences are distinct regardless the field, it is considered normal that men and women have different opinions on cars. The gap is nevertheless huge, and while the heavy trucks are bought by a disproportional number of male clients, the sophisticated and refined brands are obviously preferred by women. If you ask a woman to describe the ideal car, she will say that it has to offer good visibility and be easy to drive. Another deciding factor is the space: women are likely to sit higher in the driver’s seat and need a lot of storage space – this proves that they think in a more practical way than men. To add more points to this view, they look for cars with reasonable pieces, easy to maintain or replace and low running costs. Having long term thinking, women who are planning to form a family soon will always choose spacious vehicles. In most cases, safety is an important element for women, while men (who are believed to be more self-confident about their driving skills) tend to ignore this aspect. Women are rarely passionate about speed, so the number of horsepower is a detail they may ignore completely.


Apart from these technical features, the aesthetical factor is a priority. No woman will every buy a car she considers unpleasant, and this is related not only to the exterior aspect, but also to the interior, which is why car manufacturers have introduced a series of special features, colours or materials. Style goes beyond beauty, and the automobile usually represents its driver, so for women, their car represents a style statement. The offer is various, so anyone can find a vehicle suitable to their personality. To women, cars are like shoes: they will not choose the best there is, but rather the one that suits best their needs and meets their expectations (both in terms of looks and comfort). Although it is a common belief that women do not know what they want and take a lot of time to decide, this seems to vanish when it comes to picking the ideal car.


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