Promotional staff services for your business

Being at the beginning of your business can be tough, your biggest challenge is that you have to become more visible on social media and promote yourself. Traditional advertising may prove to be inefficient for your company, or your field just does not fit this type of advertising. For an effective and dynamic exposure you can use promotion models to advertise your services and to help your sales increasing. Choosing this type of advertising can be made in two steps: as a starting point you can use promotional models and later if your business is growing you can transform it into a brand and appeal at brand ambassadors.

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Why to use a promotional model?

Promotional models are hired to interact with potential customers and provide information to costumers and journalists. When choosing them you request a specific type of persons, with some specific height, appearance and knowledge. They are hired to provide basic information about your services or product and in need, they can distribute marketing materials. Also, they can assist your company in handling with the attendees if you do not want your staff to do this work. If you are planning to launch your business, you should take into consideration to have the right persons to represent your brand, because at such a high profiled event all the attention will be on how you promote your product, and you want to captivate the audience. You may need for this type of event a hospitality staff that makes tea, coffee and is serving drinks and foods to your guests.


Why to use brand ambassadors?

Having brand ambassadors means having a promotional staff, but also having a street team, an event staff and trade show hosts. These people are in the front lines at all your events, entertaining your future clients and providing information about your brand. They are easy to talk to, friendly, adaptable and trained to promote any type of brand. They are learned during trainings why is so important to be enthusiastic and energetic and things that are forbidden to do. Before going and promoting your service they will be trained in that specific area. They can be used in brand awareness campaigns, whether that campaign will last for a few days or for several months.

 What other types of promoting can be used?

When trying to promote your business you can just go on a higher level by hiring a professional promotional staffing agency, which can provide you a team of persons trained to sell your brand. It is easier for you to use an agency because they have their own clothes for the promoters and they offer a wide range of services that you can use. You can hire people from the agency to help your sales department or use them as your sales team for a temporary period. They can be used in exhibitions, high street sale, store sales or sporting events. In promoting process an important step is data capturing. At an event is important to have this type of team to capture the right data for your company, because you can use it later to reach your future customers.


Either if you work with promotion models, or with a brand ambassadors team, it is important to choose them from a widely recognised agency which can later provide you some other types of promotional staff.


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