Pictures of Kim Kardashian Before Plastic Surgery

Images of Kim Kardashian before plastic surgery show a considerable change of structure and appearance. Although the TV personality has always denied the rumors according to which she went under the knife to enhance her aspect, the signs that indicate that she underwent cosmetic procedures are various. Like many other Hollywood celebrities, she tries to save the appearances by claiming that she uses other methods than plastic surgery in order to maintain her aspect. However, based on several sources some of her operations rumors are true, and some of them are not. So, here are all the speculations that surrounded the star for so many years.


Giving birth can have a huge impact on a woman’s body, but it seems that Kim recovered very fast from her condition. She pretends that she managed to lose 50 pounds by working out and by keeping a rigorous, low-carb diet. According to critics, she could have had the fat from her belly and thigh removed surgically, especially since money don’t represent a problem for her. Probably most women would choose surgery to remove fat from unwanted places if they would have the proper amount of money, but regular persons can’t afford to spend a small fortune on this type of procedures. Moreover, it seems that Kim also turned to laser surgery to eliminate the stretch marks that she got from breastfeeding. However, it appears that her chest area suffered more than a laser surgery.

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Breast implants

Looking at some photos of Kim Kardashian before plastic surgery, we can see that her breasts weren’t as round as they are these days. The star denies the suppositions according to which she opted for breast implants, and she even makes fun of herself by saying that if someone would see her without wearing a bra, they would advise her to get a breast procedure. However, professionals claim that her chest area appears overly full and round for her thin silhouette, and that this is probably the result of breast implants. Still, her big bust balances her big bottom which she also claims that wasn’t surgically enhanced.

Bottom surgery

Everyone is impressed with the dimensions of Kim Kardashian’s bottom, and experts claim that the star asked for medical support in order to look the way she does. Because she wanted to prove that her behind is 100% natural, Kim even had a doctor X-ray this controversial part of her body. Furthermore, she showed the image on TV as proof, and she said that she wants people to know the truth, and not pay attention to speculations. Still, a source declared for a magazine that Kim had a liposuction on her legs a few years ago, and that her surgeon moved the fat that he removed from her thighs into her bottom. Giving the fact that this type of procedure can’t be seen in an X-ray image, we will never know if Kim is telling the truth or not. After all, the only thing that she proved is that she didn’t have bottom implants, but there are other ways that she could have used to improve this special part of her body.

Nose procedures

Based on one of her declarations, Kim thought about remodeling the shape of her nose, because it is one of her biggest insecurities, but she got scared in the last minute and she never went on with her plan. However, many plastic surgeons said that her nose seems shorter and more refined than before, which might indicate that she had a Rhinoplasty.

Botox injections and cellulite removal- the only procedures that Kim admits she had

During on of her interviews, the TV reality show star declared that she is not totally against plastic surgery. Moreover, she admitted that she tried Botox as a way to prevent the appearance of aging signs and wrinkles on her skin, but although we can see that her skin is tight and smooth, she also looks a little artificial and frozen. Looking at some pictures of Kim Kardashian before plastic surgery, we can notice that she used to have a more natural aspect that suited her much better before the interventions.

The saddest thing is that Botox injections made her look like all the other celebrities from Hollywood. They all have the same expression, and nobody looks unique anymore. Therefore, it seems that the only procedure that went well for Kim was the intervention that helped her remove cellulite from different parts of her body. That helped her get rid of the orange peel aspect, and feel more confident about herself. According to her sayings, Kim is happy with her body shape, but not with her cellulite. So, she used a non-surgical instrument that massages the skin and stimulates the blood circulation.



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