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By Hilary Gordon, January 27, 2016

Many women do not know what type of products they should choose for their skin type and this is the reason why they buy treatments that do not help them solving the issues they are dealing with. In addition, there… Read More »

By Hilary Gordon, January 25, 2016

A Jacuzzi is decidedly more than just a luxurious accessory for your home. If you have ever enjoyed a hot tub experience at the spa, then you are probably familiar with the feeling of relaxation your body gets, not to… Read More »

By Hilary Gordon, January 25, 2016

For a girl it can be complicated to choose the right pair of heels, because she has to be sure that she will feel comfortable enough to wear them for some hours. High heels can look amazing in magazines and… Read More »

Take care of your hands and feet – go to a beauty clinic

By Hilary Gordon, January 23, 2016

As any other part on a person’s body, hands and feet require great care in order to maintain healthy and beauty for a longer period. For this reason, many women resort to going to beauty clinics to benefit from professional… Read More »

Do you know how often you should cut your hair?

By Hilary Gordon, December 31, 2015

People who go to the salon are usually divided into two groups: those who see salons as an alternative to having lunch with their friends and those who only need a minimal trim. Regardless of the category they fall into,… Read More »

Tips on how to rejuvenate your skin

By Hilary Gordon, December 29, 2015

  With the years passing by, your skin might suffer from the first signs of the aging process. Maintaining your skin looking healthy and radiant is probably every woman’s desire, but there are certain mistakes some women make that affect… Read More »

Find the latest makeup trends for winter       

By Hilary Gordon, December 28, 2015

  Nowadays the sun goes down before 5 p.m., and this is the first sign that colder days are coming. Winter is close, and you have to change the makeup routine, and customize it according to the season. When winter… Read More »

By Hilary Gordon, December 15, 2015

Women love to take their own decisions nowadays, because they want to be independent. Many of them see the purchase of a house a sign of independence, and the ones that live in a crowded city choose to stay in… Read More »

Why you should get better acquainted with promotional staffing

By Hilary Gordon, December 14, 2015

  When thinking about ways or strategies that would permit you to run a business better and of course, earning a far greater profit, then you need to start considering promotional staffing. Indeed this is one tool that entrepreneurs operating… Read More »

How physiotherapy helps pregnant women

By Hilary Gordon, November 27, 2015

During pregnancy, many women try to alleviate the many issues that come along with this state. Some of them find comfort in using massage, others remedy their discomfort with physical therapy. A woman experiences multiple physical changes, and the centre… Read More »

By Hilary Gordon, November 23, 2015

By now you’ve probably heard about the fashion phenomenon that is T-shirt screen printing and it’s not difficult to understand why custom printed clothes are sometimes more popular than mass market options. In a world where people all start to… Read More »

By Hilary Gordon, November 23, 2015

Little things like staying in a hot tub can bring you multiple benefits while being pregnant. When you soak in a hot tub your body falls into a deep relaxation state, and both you and your baby will feel better… Read More »

How to have cute outfits on a budget

By Hilary Gordon, October 29, 2015

Have you always wanted to have those fashionable outfits that you see on other girls, but you never could afford to shop from your local mall every week? Many women find themselves in this situation and considering the pressure society… Read More »

By Hilary Gordon, October 10, 2015

Many women crave after the gorgeous dresses that they see on runways or in fashion magazines. The truth is that all women love fashion and are capable of doing no matter what in order to follow the trends. However, it… Read More »

By Hilary Gordon, October 10, 2015

How many times have you tried to get an appointment at a hair salon and couldn’t find an empty slot? How many times have you missed an appointment because you’ve made it so far in advance, as to avoid not… Read More »