Night life in Thessaloniki Greece with Paraskinio live

As a woman, choosing the right vacation destination is a challenge. Unless you travel as a couple with your lover, you will soon find out that travelling solo is not as easy as it might seem at first sight. It can get lonely to go to a vacation by yourself. The most important thing is to choose a destination that will offer you plenty of things to do and give you the opportunity to be with others. Greece is one of the most popular tourist destinations among solo women, because it offers them the occasion to relax on the beach sunbathing and enjoy the company of others thanks to the great nightlife Greece is famous for. Therefore, if you plan to try out a solo adventure, you should pick your destination thinking about every detail, including the nightlife and the possibility to meet people and make new friends. You can check out the following link for more information about nightlife in Greece. With all these in mind, for single women, we recommend Thessaloniki as an exotic tourist destination.

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Thessaloniki is a modern metropolis situated approximately five hundred kilometers from Athens with opening to the Thermaïkos Gulf. The cosmopolitan features blend perfectly with the ancient history of this city to create a spectacular view. Thessaloniki has an amazing charm for women of all ages because it offers everything you need: sandy beaches and the bluest waters, nightlife and archeological sites. If you are worried that you will not find anything on your taste in this city, throw your worries out of the window, because Thessaloniki will offer you great opportunities to have fun and relax. From the ancient forum and Byzantine monuments, you can go directly to παρασκήνιο live and have the time of your life!

Paraskinio live or Backstage live is one of the most famous and popular clubs in Thessaloniki. What sets this bar apart from other similar locations is the fact that it offers numerous discounts to women and it has very friendly staff. There are days when women get unlimited wine or pay less for appetizers, not to mention that they receive quality entertainment. There is nothing wrong with wanting to meet people while in vacation and the Paraskinio live is the perfect place where you could have a fateful meeting. This club will set the stage for a meeting very well because it has a capacity of over 600 seats. Imagine how many people you can get to know just in a night. Good music coupled with good food and amazing cocktails is the ideal recipe for a wonderful night out and this is exactly what this club offers to its customers.

A woman traveling solo should always plan ahead her itinerary and choose only the most popular and lively locals to ensure they will not end up in a secluded place by herself. Fort research purposes, we recommend the website, where you will find detailed information on the best touristic attractions of the major travel destinations. Paraskinio lives should definitely be on your list, if you ever decide to travel to Thessaloniki , because it offers the best entertainment.



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