Must-have accessories for a pixie cut

If you opt for a pixie cut, you cannot do much with it, and even if you love your hairstyle, there are days, when you want to personalise it a little. Well, for these occasions you have accessories, which are a fun and feminine way to style a pixie cut. The majority of these accessories work with any hair length, but when it comes to your short hair, you have to pay attention to some details, because you will have to be inventive. In case you did not purchase until now hair accessories, you should start by buying ribbons UK, because they prove very helpful in making your hairstyle unique.

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Ribbon head wrap

For this hairstyle, you will need a wide ribbon stripe. You can choose one in a colourful pattern, or if you want to accessorise it to a colourful look, you can choose one in a simple shade. You should style the top of your hair with a curler, because you will need some volume in that part, when you will tie the head wrap. Make sure to insert a hidden wire in the ribbon, because it will keep the fabric in place.

Gemstone clip

If you want to add an elegant touch to your hairstyle, you can opt for a gemstone clip. You can wear it on the side, and pair it with an elegant and simple dress. If you want people to notice it as you enter the room, then you can choose one in a bold colour, or a large size. It will add personality to your pixie cut. In case you have bangs, you should pull them back, and create an asymmetrical look, by sweeping your hair on one side.

Ribbon flower hairpins

If you are a fan of romantic looks, then you can accessorise your locks with silk flower pins. You can make them at home, because you can buy satin ribbon and craft flowers of different sizes. If you swipe your bangs back, you can use the hairpins to create a seam of flowers. You will look pretty.

Glitter gold clips

If you want to accessorise your hair for an evening date, then you can use gold glitter clips. They are easy to use, so you can style your hair as usually, and place them on one of the sides of your head. Make sure to not choose a large model, because it will look overwhelming.


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