Mineral makeup – why should you go for it

Mineral makeup appeared on the market several years ago and it was and still is extremely successful because it is an alternative and a healthier method of the usual, traditional cosmetic makeup products. But what is it like to use mineral makeup? What is the composition of mineral makeup products? Well, this type of makeup is completely natural and in its composition you will only find mineral ingredients. The chemical compounds, preservatives, alcohol, dyes and perfumes are totally missing from the composition of this type of makeup. Carefully analysing what this type of makeup is all about, you will start noticing that it only has advantage and you will definitely desire to try it out sometime. Read below the benefits of mineralsminke:

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The main benefits


  • To apply a mineral makeup you will need to invest in some quality brushes, made of natural yarn or hair. To increase their life span and avoid those collecting germs and microbes, brushes should be washed every two weeks.


  • Before applying a mineral powder or mineral foundation, moisturize your skin with cream. After the cream has been fully absorbed, apply the makeup base. Even in the case of mineral products, you will have to pay attention to the nuances you choose, depending on your skin tone.


  • The mineral foundation has a great power of coverage, so do not abuse it if you want to get a natural effect. A mineral foundation refreshes the skin and gives it a bright and youthful appearance.


  • Eye shadow should be applied with short brushes, because otherwise the blush would spread very easily. The shade is applied by light taps on the eyelid. Also, if you own different shades of mineral makeup, you can try different colour combinations, like you normally would with your usual makeup products. Look for flytende mineralsminke to find out more about this topic.


Different types of skin

If you have sensitive skin, then mineral makeup can be an option for you. Ordinary cosmetics tend to aggravate your complexion with all kinds of harmful substances that favour the appearance of pimples, dilation of the pores or dryness of skin. A mineral type of makeup can help you look beautiful and healthy. If you have dry skin, this type of makeup is not recommended because most products are in the form of a powder, and it can make your skin even dryer. Although the compounds in mineral products are natural and do not “attack” the skin, the risk of applying a powder on dry skin consists in creating a mask-like effect. If you have oily skin, then mineral makeup is a good option, because it absorbs the excess sebum from the skin and reduces your pores. Such a make-up lasts longer on an oilier face, with the advantage of not smearing all around. If you have wrinkled skin, a mineral makeup can cover these areas very naturally. The products contain antioxidants and vitamins that nourish the skin, which is prone to wrinkling over time.


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