Makeup products you need this fall

Makeup is an essential step in every woman’s day, and makeup artists recommend using it according to the season. If summer requires for orange and coral makeup tones, a lot of bronzer and highlighter, the variables are different in the cold seasons. The colours recommended in terms of makeup are different, and even the styles. If in the summertime you can easily get away with a foundation, a neutral eye shadow, bronzer and a coral lip colour, fall is the perfect season for a dark lip colour, less bronzer, darker eye shadow tones and a foundation in a lighter tone. You can always be in trend by checking an online fashion store and see what the hype is all about at the moment. However, below are some makeup essentials every woman needs in the cold seasons.

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A dark, strong lip colour

Not every woman is bold enough to try a plum lip colour, for example, but our advice is to give it a try anyways. It will add some drama to your look, and we guarantee you there is a perfect shade for every skin tone. If your skin is in cooler undertones, you could definitely try some maroon shades. On the other hand, if you have a really light skin tone, our advice would be to try a dark shade of purple in term of lipstick. Burgundy lipstick works the best on a skin with olive hues. And, after all, if you do not enjoy our suggestions, experiment with different shades of lipstick and see what works the best for you. A good tip to always remember when wearing a dark lip colour is to exfoliate and hydrate your lips frequently, because on dry lips, these colours will look scruffy.

A foundation in a lighter tone

You might be missing the bronzed skin you got on your vacation; however, sticking to your summertime foundation might be a bad idea. Your skin might have lost its bronzy shade and the formula might be too light for the cold season. If in the summer time you are aiming for foundation with lighter coverage power and a less hydrating formula, in the fall, you must consider buying one according to your current skin tone and more hydrating. The demarcation line between your face and neck will be obvious if you stick to your darker foundation and this is a big fault most women find themselves guilty of.

Try a bold eyeliner look

Of course, eyeliner will always look classy and it will never get old. You can find tutorials on the Internet and see what shapes and lines you can create in order to complement the shape your eyes. You can try different colours of eyeliner, but our recommendation is to go for a black one if you are aiming to a classy look.

Do not be afraid to experiment with your makeup. These are just some guidelines in order to make your mission easier in the cold season. Always remember to properly care for your skin, because chilly weather can seriously damage it.


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