Immortal Fashion Icons

Fashion is a form of expressing people’s styles and personalities. Over time we have been influenced by fashion trends and fashion icons. We all love to dress well and create outfits that are appreciated because that makes us feel good. However, we should not let fashion take over our lives because there are some other important things we need to take care of, too. It’s true that we have to take care of our aspect, but we must be careful not to exaggerate.

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We present you the following fashion icons that have influenced the trends over the years. They have enchanted us with their styles, which has helped us develop good taste regarding this matter. Whenever you feel like you no longer know how to wear, look up to these ladies as they will prove to be an excellent inspiration. Moreover, their timeless fashion advice represents the best fashion tips that anyone should ever need.

Elizabeth Taylor
The movie star was born in London, England in 1932. Because those were difficult times, Elizabeth and her family had to move to Los Angeles due to the World War Two consequences. This is where she was discovered and started to play in her first movie at the age of nine. During her lifetime, she was known for her acting performances which helped her win two awards for best actress.

Still, she had many other advantages that made her famous. She had great charisma and she was a very beautiful woman. The actress loved to wear big jewelry, diamond accessories and elaborated headpieces. The dresses she wore used to be very spectacular. She is the one that introduced the notion of cleavage, and this is something men all over the world are very grateful for these days.

Audrey Hepburn
Audrey Hepburn is one of the most important fashion icons that ever existed. She was a great actress who was born in 1929 and lived her childhood in Belgium, England and Germany. She won many movie awards during her career, but she was also recognized for her fashion style and many women were interested in her best fashion tips. The actress received a place on the Hall of Fame of International Best Dressed List.

One of Audrey Hepburn’s secrets was to accentuate the things she most liked about herself. Her waist was the part of her body that was most highlighted and that is why it was very small, it measured only 22 inches. Although she had many physical qualities, she also had a great attitude. Her style has always been considered a very elegant and classy one. She didn’t like to make things too complicated because she didn’t want to exaggerate, and it was she who introduced the little black dress, a simple item that offers us great results.


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