How to teach your children a new language using custom ribbons

Learning new things can be quite a daunting experience, particularly for those who don’t have an innate ability to assimilate languages very quickly. Children are the predisposed to show signs of giving up when it comes to accumulating linguistic knowledge especially because their attention span is not as large as that of adults. Teaching little ones how to say the basic words in a new tongue is not impossible, however, it is simply a harder task for the parents and specialised trainers that they hire. But since exterior help is always expensive, why not try and convince your kids to learn French or Italian on their own, with your help of course? The trick is to make the entire teaching experience as pleasant and enjoyable as you can so that they don’t lose interest and end up disliking the things they learn, instead of being drawn by them. But how can one do this? What catches the attention of children and can make a lasting impression in their memory? The secret is writing special messages on ribbons! This is a playful and engaging method that parents can use in order to make the entire process more agreeable for the energetic and often hardly concentrated children of today. Keep reading this article and you will find out just what you need to do.

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Step 1: decide what message or word you want written

Think about the words or ideas which you want your little ones to see. If there are certain synonyms or names of objects they cannot remember, then try to insist on those particular aspects. If they are just now starting to learn the language, then every single object in the house or their room needs to be labelled. Furthermore, look for additional phrases or commonly used expressions that they will need further on and write these sayings or idioms down so as to further improve their vocabulary in a fun and joyful way.


Step 2: order custom ribbons from a specialised manufacturer

This step is focused on actually ordering and receiving the ribbons you need to teach your child with. The number one thing to do in this stage is to look for professional and highly specialised manufacturers of ribbon hanks so as to be sure that they will have customisation services. Search for the best ribbon making company online and browse through the official website of a top provider. They should have a section for bespoke hanks where you can insert your desired list of words, choose the fabric, colour and other parameters and lastly, place the order in a safe and quick manner.


Step 3: plant the message ribbons strategically in the house

Once your order is complete, the delivery won’t last long so before you can tell you will receive the most creative learning tools you could have ever bought. Take the hanks and wrap the ribbon in key strategic places around the house. You can label the furniture and appliances, as well as put the catchphrases on their corresponding room of the house. The same thing can be done with post-its but let’s face it, ribbons look much better!


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