How to style urban NBA clothing

Do you remember when you were little and for every important occasion you had to leave your snickers and hoodies for nice shoes and neat clothes? Then you might be surprised to see that times have changed and that sportswear is sometimes seen as stylish and sophisticated. Sure, it will never be acceptable to turn up in a jersey at a black tie event, but sports clothes have higher status now and if you style it properly you’ll get the coveted urban-chic street style and not look like you’ve just come back from the gym. Famous designers like Stella McCartney have signed contracts with sporting goods companies, resulting in eclectic collections where haut-couture fashion meets sporty convenience. The edgy combination is anything but boring! By styling things like NBA clothing with elegant and feminine items, you can get the best of both worlds. Here are some examples of how you can combine the two styles in a harmonious way.

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Contrary to common belief, the purpose is not to look like an extra from a Black Eyed Peas video (training suit with ostentatious jewellery). You can combine the two styles in a much more tasteful way. For example, you can buy regular basketball jerseys in larger size and style them with an otherwise classy item, such as a black blazer or long cardigan. Choose dainty feminine jewellery to match and, for the shoes, go either for Converse or for high heels. In winter, you can replace jerseys with sweaters, because there are many stores that specialize in genuine NBA clothing. We recommend purchasing sportswear from these stores rather than mass-market chains, because they provide that authentic look. Another way to combine the two styles is to wear sports shoes frequently, such as Converse, Vans or Nikes. If you want to dress down a pair of black skinny trousers and make them appropriate for day wear, you can choose sports shoes instead of boots or heels. They are infinitely more comfortable and they can add an urban edge to your outfit.


Fashionable sportswear is not always made out of clothes that you can actually work out in, but rather out of clothes that make a statement. Of course, it’s up to you if you want to use your real workout apparel for fashionable purposes. Usually, it’s more practical to buy clothing items that have a sporty cuts or prints inspired from basketball teams (names of teams, players, sport fonts). The rules are generally quite flexible, because the whole point of sportswear fashion is not to impose restrictions or create the feeling of a conventional outfit lacking in creativity. One final way in which you can give yourself a sporty look is by playing with accessories. For example, you can buy an original basketball cap from an NBA stores, or a practical backpack. Possibilities are limitless and if you have a look at fashion editorials, you’ll see how big sportswear is in the world of high-end fashion.


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