How to protect your skin while cleaning

Whether we like it or not, there comes a time when we have to replace fancy outfits and bags with an apron and a bucket and start to deal with general cleaning. It’s not an exciting prospect and it has to be done, but, for many women, cleaning also means rashes, irritations and allergies. It is common knowledge that the ingredients used in cleaning products are quite aggressive and even people with normal skin can experience discomfort. Even more worryingly, many studies show that some products that can even cause severe conditions when people are exposed to them for prolonged periods of time. Unfortunately, many cleaning products are not eco-friendly, which means that not only do they harm the environment, but also people who come in contact with them. They get the job done, but, at the end of the day, your hand feel dry, damaged and you might even experience red and itchy skin. For this reason, many women hire carpet cleaning Perth companies to avoid coming in contact with toxic substances and damaging their skin. This is a good idea and, if budget allows you, you should definitely work with professional companies. However, if you can’t afford to do this all the time, then here a few tips and tricks than you can use to protect your skin while cleaning.

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First of all, the golden rule of cleaning is to avoid using harsh, toxic products and opt for gentler ones, that are eco-friendly and suitable for sensitive skin. The only problem is that cleaning products are made to remove dirt and stains, not moisturize your skin, so even the safest ones will still dry out your hands, though they might not cause irritations. For best results, wear gloves all the time and avoid touching anything without them on. Secondly, always wash your hands after cleaning, in order to remove any residue. To prevent them from becoming dry, apply a rich moisturizer. If you notice redness or experience burns and irritation, see a doctor immediately, because you could be dealing with an allergic reaction.

In the past years, companies that produce cleaning products started to advertise supposedly special formulas that protect the skin and even provide hydration, but you should learn to stay away from these absurd marketing claims. In the best case scenario, they do less damage, but they will never be neutral for your skin. In order for detergents and cleaning products to work, they have to include special ingredients that are harsh enough to remove stains and dirt. To see for yourself, read the ingredients list. You don’t have to understand the names of the substances: simply look for them in a dedicated online platform that tells if they are known to be irritants or allergens. Of course, all women will agree that by far the best option is to leave cleaning to the experts, who not only possess the right cleaning products, but also know how to use it effectively. From carpet cleaning Perth to furniture and window cleaning, there are many services that dedicated companies provide and no matter how deep the stains or how thick the layer of dust, there is someone who can help you. 


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