How to Fight Damaged Hair

Finding the right color is difficult, but even more difficult is to take care of dyed hair. Let’s face it: coloring and heat styling does a considerable amount of damage. Many women get desperate, not knowing what to do anymore in order to regain the health of your mane. The best hair salon in Ottawa offers top-notch treatments that help fight dry, damaged locks. Women who want to regain the shininess of their coiffure ought to know that salons have various treatments meant to rehabilitate dry locks condition.

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Avoid poor quality styling tools

Nowadays, straight hair is very popular and every girl owns a flat iron. Whether it is used for straightening the hair or for making beach waves, the flat iron is essential for any trendy girl. Nevertheless, some flat irons can seriously damage your hair. We are talking mainly about flat irons with metal plates, but generally, any flat iron that is too cheap to be true is probably bad for your hair. If you read some flat iron reviews, you will see that a good flat iron is made with high-quality materials, a fact which reflects in its price. While the most expensive flat iron is not necessarily the best one, the cheapest flat iron is without a doubt a bad choice. We recommend you to read chi flat iron reviews as we love this brand a lot and find its products to be very efficient and gentle to the hair. Aside from flat irons, choose quality hair brushes, preferably ones made of pig bristle.

Try Nanomax

This is a two-stage treatment that consists of an infusion of proteins that is induced through a brush. The brush is said to work wonders. After washing and using a clarifying shampoo, stylists blow the hair. Afterwards, the green brush is used to apply a conditioning treatment. The treatment generally lasts about 30 minutes and lasts for about three washed. This will certainly strengthen and repair any coiffure.

Use a Keratin hair treatment

Keratin is used to replace the gaps of the cuticle, giving it both shine and smoothness. It lasts for a longer, but the process of applying the treatment is elongated. For the keratin to be set into the hair, it is necessary to oxygenate it, which can prevent you from washing it or pulling it back. This is similar to other Brazilian remedies.

Be careful with Japanese straightening techniques

This term refers to a sort of inversed permanent, generally known as thermal reconditioning. Although it lasts the longest, it is probably the most extreme. In order to strengthen the locks, hard chemicals are used which can severely damage the structure. The treatment applies only to persons who have not experienced coloring.

Consider Bhave

This remedy is a brand developed by an Australian salon. It comprises a set of products that are free of formaldehyde and other dangerous chemicals. The advantage is that the treatment preserves the natural structure of your locks, thus securing curls.

In conclusion, hair salons are the ideal places to get some work done on your mane and fight split ends. While natural treatments performed in the comfort of your home can make a difference, only professional help can provide long lasting effects. Moreover, in order to really enjoy the benefits of the treatments, you will have to completely change your grooming habits and use only hair protection products.


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