How physiotherapy helps pregnant women

During pregnancy, many women try to alleviate the many issues that come along with this state. Some of them find comfort in using massage, others remedy their discomfort with physical therapy. A woman experiences multiple physical changes, and the centre of the weight puts a big pressure on her organs. This changes lead to back pain, urinary incontinence and pelvic pain, and many studies show that Ottawa physiotherapy can relieve these side effects. There are two types of physical therapy, which are designed for pregnant women, the pre natal programs and the post natal programs.

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How physiotherapy works?

A physiotherapist has as main goal to assess, treat and educate pregnant women through exercises. They are trained to design safe and effective exercises for the pregnancy period and after the delivery. In such a program, the specialist screens the patient to be sure that she can participate to the program. He assesses his client for strength, posture, balance and flexibility. One of his major roles is to instruct pregnant women how to perform the designed exercises effective and safe, and uses an individualized approach to achieve this. Besides instructing them on how they should exercise, he should enable different group discussion regarding the pre and post natal problems that might appear, and how they should face them. This type of programs help women to have a healthier pregnancy and an easier delivery. The women who experience a high-risk pregnancy can benefit from physiotherapy, but they have to be strictly observed by their health care provider and the physiotherapist will focus on alleviating their pain.

Physical therapy for back pains

Many pregnant women experiment back pains and the causes that lead to them are different from person to person. Some of the reasons can be represented by gaining additional weight, an increase in hormones, added stress, a decline in posture or a change in the body’s center of gravity. Because nowadays many women become pregnant after 35 years old, they are less physically active and their body is under prepared for carrying a baby. Physiotherapy is specialized in pain relief and specialists design individualized treatment only after they identify the causes of the pain. They will work on the pain triggers as flexibility, posture, nerve involvement, joint alignment or muscle strength. All these causes are not independent, they are linked, and a change in one of them will improve the state of the others.


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