How Lack of Sleep Affects Your Appearance

Sleep is an important part of everyone’s life, it is the body’s refuge from all the stress and the pressure we expose our body to. The saying “Get your beauty sleep” can not be truer, as sleep helps our skin to regenerate and our body to recover for a whole new day. Not getting enough sleep can worsen our entire appearance, it makes us look older, more tired and without energy and strength, so it is vital that we get good restful sleep throughout the night.
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Sagging skin

The main property of our skin is that it is elastic and firm, as long as we live a healthy life and take care of our bodies. However, after many sleepless nights the skin starts to lose its elasticity, it becomes lackluster and fine lines start to appear. When you don’t sleep enough, your body releases high amounts of the stress hormone called cortisol which breaks down the collagen in the skin cells, causing aged and sagging skin filled with wrinkles.

Under-the-eyes bags

The first thing you hear after a sleepless night is that you have bags under your eyes and dark circles that make you look tired and unhealthy. This is because there is blood going through the veins under your eyes and the skin becomes thinner when your eyes are tired, which results in darkness or puffiness around your eyes. Hence the unpleasant aspect of swollen eyes and dark circles after a rough night.
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Poor body growth

When you were little, your parents used to tell you to get a proper amount of sleep in order to grow strong and healthy and you always thought it was one of their tricks to fool you into falling asleep. However, this fact is very true because the human growth hormone is only released while we sleep, therefore, our body can not develop properly unless we get enough sleep.


While we sleep, the body is recovering from all the stress accumulated throughout the day, it is repairing its broken tissue and is recharging for a new day filled with challenges and difficulties for us to face. By getting less sleep, we are keeping our body from restoring our strength, thus we will feel less productive, less energized and we will have a tired appearance the entire day.
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Use Alteril to induce your sleep

If you can’t manage to fall asleep or to sleep the entire night without waking up, Alteril can become a true help for you. This amazing product consisting of natural ingredients like melatonin and L- Tryptophan are designed to relax the mind and body and to induce restfully and continuous sleep without causing unpleasant side effects.


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