How can you style a printed t-shirt?


Season after season, fashion trends change and new elements come along. However, it seems that some elements, such as the printed t-shirt, are here to stay. This is due to the fact that it has been a while since this piece became a fashion thing and women all around the world are still keen on wearing it. So in case you are stuck in a style quandary, a graphic tee will always get you out of trouble. It is extremely laid-back but also fashionable and edgy, so you will never look dull. In addition to this, if you choose a personalised design, you will definitely make a statement regardless the occasion. There are several companies, such as Pints Canada, which give you the possibility to create your own design, for a plus of originality. Fortunately, graphic tees are so versatile that you can style it quite easily. Here are some suggestions:

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Casual attire

If you are going out for the movies with your friends and you feel like wearing something comfortable yet edgy, a printed t-shirt and some jeans are the ideal choice. Instead of going for a solid colour piece, try a graphic design tee. This item will work perfectly in any combination: with skinny or boyfriend jeans, with casual sneakers, under a plaid skirt and so on. There are so many combinations that you will never get tired of wearing it.


Office look

In case you are looking for a classy look to wear at work, but you do not feel like putting on the traditional combination of shirt and blazer, then you have to try something a bit out of the box. Keep all the classic office elements together, such as pencil skirts, blazers and pants, but replace the shirt with a printed t-shirt. This will give you a playful air, while also showing everyone that you are up to date with the latest changes in fashion and you can completely rock a colourful tee at work.


Cocktail outfit

Believe it or not, t-shirts can be used to create incredibly sophisticated party attire. There are no boundaries in fashion, which means any combination is completely legit. If you have to go to a cocktail, but none of your dresses seem appropriate, recreate Carrie Bradshaw’s look, wearing a princess skirt, a printed t-shirt and high heels. This combo will be a total success and everyone will admire your courage, without any doubt.




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