Going to the beauty salon without paying too much money

Every woman agrees to the fact that nothing compares to a relaxing day at the beauty salon, but they also agree to the fact that getting pampered can be quite expensive. Luckily, there are some great methods women can resort to in case they are interested in benefiting from a spa treatment. They should start with doing some research on the internet to look for an Orange County massage or beauty clinic. Here are some amazing tips to help you enjoy a day at the spa on a budget.

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Going to the beauty salon during downtimes

One great way to benefit from a spa treatment is to learn the schedule of that beauty salon and make an appointment during the week, when the salon is not as busy as during the weekend. Many salons offer special discounts for customers who come to them during the week, so make sure you keep an eye on these offers and take advantage of them.

Choose to be a hair model

Some salons have certain special campaigns at some point, whether for making an advertising video for instance or for any other purpose, where they need hair models. Check in at the salons in your neighborhood and ask them if they need one and this way you can get your hair cut and colored for free.

Manicure and pedicure at the same time

Another method to save not only some money, but also time is to go to a beauty salon and have both your manicure and your pedicure within the same appointment.  There are various salons that provide special discounts to customers who opt for both services at the same time, so check them out too!

Take advantage of special coupons

Make sure you check your mailbox regularly, because just as you receive those Chill Pistachio’s coupons every week, you can also receive coupons at beauty clinics that come with some offers you cannot refuse. The discounts in this case, are usually very attractive, so if you want to have that special day dedicated only to yourself, take advantage of those coupons.

A series of spa treatments

It is true that investing in a series of spa treatments implies a great deal of money that sometimes might be quite difficult to pay it at once, but if you plan to get a facial every month for instance, it is definitely worth the investment, not to mention that many salons offer special discounts in such situations.



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