Give your condo a feminine look

Women love to take their own decisions nowadays, because they want to be independent. Many of them see the purchase of a house a sign of independence, and the ones that live in a crowded city choose to stay in a condo. Because it is not a big space, they can easily personalize it according to their style. Women like open spaces, and when they purchase a new condo they instantly start to renovate it, by changing the windows. Many of them choose to replace the old windows with big Tilt and Turn ones, like the ones offered by Eco Choice Windows Canada, because they offer a stylish look to the entire space. If you have recently purchased a condo and want to design it in a feminine way, you should consider how you can maximize you space by using windows.

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Use windows smart

When you decide to replace the old windows form your condo, you should avoid purchasing ones that do not offer you enough light and ventilation. The best option to bring in the light is to install large Tilt and Turn windows because they will open the space. You should know that they are manufactured in a wide range of colours, so you can choose the shade that better suits your space. If you purchased your condo in a modern building, then it will be suited to use aluminium windows, because it will give your home a simple and elegant look. The first room where you should replace the windows is the bedroom. You should call a professional that will help you increase the size of your windows’ frame. You should opt for windows that are as large as the exterior wall. This will give you the opportunity to admire the city view in the night, and will provide you natural light in the daytime. You can use widows to separate your small kitchen from your bedroom, but in the same way to keep the impression of a big space. You should also place a vinyl door to keep the smell inside your kitchen, when you cook.

Why Tilt and Turn windows are women’s choice

Every woman loves to stay in a place where the air is fresh, and this type of windows will offer you the opportunity to leave it open in the Tilt position, even when you are not at home. This position will provide you draft-free fresh air all day long and you do not have to worry that any burglar will enter, because they cannot be operated from outside. Security is a key factor that influences women when they choose the windows for their homes, and these ones proved to be in the top of their choices, because they have a system that provides locking around the entire window. You do not have to worry that you have your condo at the second floor and you will not be able to clean them, because they open inside in the Turn position, so you can rotate the sash toward you and clean it on the both sides. These windows will also help you to save money with you heating bills in the winter because they close tight and offer you unrivaled noise, heat and cold insulation.


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