Find the latest makeup trends for winter       


Nowadays the sun goes down before 5 p.m., and this is the first sign that colder days are coming. Winter is close, and you have to change the makeup routine, and customize it according to the season. When winter is coming your skin dries, because it faces wind and cold temperatures. It is hard to protect your face, and to look amazing in the same time, but you have to talk with a makeup artist in Ottawa, and see what makeup he recommend for this season, and find some tricks on how you can protect your skin.

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Winter makeup trends

Makeup artists analyze every fashion show, and they are able to identify the trends for every season, and personalize them to be sure that women can wear them in their daily lives. This year, they identified three trends that you should copy if you want to impress your friends. The trend that was present in almost every fashion show is characterized by colouring the eyes in bold colours. You should focus on the upper eyelid, because it is the star this season, and you should feel free to paint it like a canvas. You can choose shades from dark to white, and do not hold back, because the trend suggests letting the colour invade all the area of your eye. Other trend is represented by kajal, and you should complement it with a touch of black pencil to create a deeper look and wear it from day to night. This type of makeup is very versatile. If you are not a friend of bold makeup, then you will be amazed to find out that the third trend is represented by the “no makeup” effect. You only have to use lighter tones for creating an eye shadow, and complement it with mascara.

Take care of your skin

Every makeup artists advises its clients to take great care of their skin in the winter, because this is the season, when you have to maintain its health. You should use an oil-based moisturizer before applying any makeup, because your skin needs vitamins that helps its rejuvenation. Even if it is winter, you should still use sunscreen, because the sun can burn your skin when it reflects off the snow. Do not forget to use a foundation primer, before applying your foundation, and use a light foundation. Lip-gloss stays longer on your lips that lip balm, so you can add it in your daily makeup routine.


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