Famous Fashion Photographers

The fashion industry would be nothing without the trade magazines, because they are the ones that promote the new trends. The pictures they contain are very explicit, and that helps us understand better how to style our look. All these are possible thanks to some famous fashion photographers who have brought the art of photography to another level.

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At first, fashion photography existed only to sell clothes but over time its purpose has extended. These days, the most famous fashion photographers use photography as a tool to create real work of arts.

The roles of fashion photography

Fashion pictures always tell a story because they express a certain attitude and a special lifestyle. You have the liberty to interpret them as you like, and you can search for inspiration among the things they reflect. In order to create this kind of effect, some of the many famous fashion photographers use certain locations, special makeup and special hairstyles. They express their thoughts and ideas by simply handling their cameras, and the result is great.

We present you two of the most important photographers who have succeeded to express their thoughts using their creative visions.

Richard Avedon was one of the first great American fashion photographers. “The New York Times” defined his work as a way to describe America’s perception about style, beauty and culture for the last fifty years.

The Metropolitan Museum of Art from New York, presented two exhibitions during Avedon’s lifetime. Other retrospectives were organized by the University Art Museum in Berkeley, the Whitney Museum of American Art, in New York, and by the Louisiana Museum of Modern Art, in Humblebaek, Denmark.

Hollywood used some of the Richard Avedon’s work in the musical “Funny Face”, when he supplied one of its most famous single image: an Audrey Hepburn picture which showed only her famous characteristics: her eyebrows, her eyes and her mouth.

Helmut Newton was born Helmut Neustädter, and he was a German-Australian photographer who mostly became famous because of his nude photographies. His black-and-white art was described to be provocative and erotically charged, and it had a big impact on fashion industry.

After five years from the photographer’s death, June Browne Newton, a successful actress and photography artist, made him a tribute exhibition. She was helped by three photographers who were Helmut’s assistants in the past: Mark Arbeit, Just Loomis, and George Holz. The exhibit was presented at the Helmut Newton Foundation, and it combined the work of all three with personal pictures, and letters from the time they were close to Helmut.


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