Extending the life of your glasses – useful tips


If during the years since you have started to wear glasses, you have managed to somehow go through a large number of pairs, because either they have broken or deteriorated, perhaps you should make some changes in the way you maintain them. There are a few ways in which you can extend the life of your glasses, so knowing them will probably help you out. From choosing the right women’s glasses case to paying more attention to the way you clean them, here are the most relevant things you should know on the topic:

Extending the life of your glasses

Invest in a good case

Cases are an essential item for those who wear glasses. Placing them anywhere else than a case whenever you take them off is a big risk, and you probably know that you can easily damage, scratch or break them in the most inconvenient situations. Investing in a good, hard case will be worth it. You will find some great options just by searching on the internet, so you can easily choose one that suits your personal style. 

Choose adequate cleaners

The way you clean your glasses is another way in which you can either keep their good condition longer, or cause them damage. Not just any cleaning product will work, so before choosing to put ammonia or alcohol on them, think twice. Look for a cleaner that will work great and not affect quality in any way.

Don’t wear them on top of your head

One mistake many people tend to make is placing their glasses on top of their head, whenever they might want to take them off for a few minutes. This bad habit can in fact damage them over time. The natural oils found in your hair will stain the glass, while the unsuitable angle will bend or stretch the frame.

Keep them away from hot weather

Last but not least, try to not overuse your glasses in extreme weather, or leave them in hot places. That means you should not wear them while you are at the beach, and not leave them in your car  or in direct sunlight when the heat is extremely high. This is important when the frames are designed out of plastic.

These are the most important things to consider, if you want to maintain your glasses in a proper condition for as long as possible. Because investing in new pairs of glasses every couple of months is not exactly financially wise, extending the life of your current ones is the best decision to make, and the tips mentioned above will help you do that.


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