Everything You Need to Know About Moisturizer

Most women are well aware of the importance of moisturizer in the daily beauty ritual. However, not all women know how to choose the right skin care products and the proper way of using them. We hope that the following information will help you care for your skin and maintain its young appearance for as much as possible.

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  • Types of skin

In order to find the right skin products, you need to determine your type of skin. The type of skin depends on many factors such as level of oiliness, age, skin conditions and so on. The main types of skin are: normal, dry, mature, oily and sensitive. You probably know whether you have a normal, oily or dry skin, depending on how it feels. Do not confuse dry skin with sensitive skin. The sensitive type is susceptible to rashes, redness and irritations whereas dry skin is only lacking hydration and has a mat aspect.

  • The right moisturizer for every skin type

Having a normal skin doesn’t mean that you don’t have to use any skin products. You must choose a product which will maintain the natural balance of moisture. It should contain light oils such as cetyl alcohol or silicon ingredients. Dry skin requires a cream containing heavier oils, antioxidants or petrolatum based ingredients (for overly dry, cracked skin). Oily skin should be hydrated with water-based products which don’t clog the pores. Certain oils such as tea tree oil are very efficient for treating oily skin with acne breakouts. The products used for sensitive skin should contain calming ingredients such as aloe or chamomile. Last but not least, a wrinkle efficient skin product for mature skin should contain petrolatum based ingredients, antioxidants and alpha hydroxy acids.

  • Skin care ritual

The daily skin care ritual for the face starts with a makeup remover, followed by a tonic lotion and moisturizer. All the products need to be suited for your skin type. In order to have a smooth skin all over your body, you should also use a body lotion. A great moment for applying lotion, whether it is on your face or on your body, is right after taking a bath or a shower. Use a towel to slightly dry your skin. In order for the lotion to have the desired effect you need to leave your skin slightly moist before applying the cream. This way, the lotion will trap the water molecules in your skin, thus insuring its hydration.


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