Dressmaking explained for amateurs 

Many women crave after the gorgeous dresses that they see on runways or in fashion magazines. The truth is that all women love fashion and are capable of doing no matter what in order to follow the trends. However, it is not necessary to waste your salary on the latest designer dress. What you can do is make your own dress with the help of a sewing machine. To make a fabulous dress you need a reliable sewing machine. Since not all sewing machines are fit for your needs, you should read the reviews found on http://www.sewingmachines.reviews and see if model you want is user-friendly.  Following is all the information you need on dressmaking, from equipment to tips.

Why get a sewing machine?

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Although many people believe that you can manage just fine without a sewing machine, the truth is that you can’t if you want spectacular results. Sewing by hand will take much longer than expected and the likelihood is that you will make mistakes, especially if you do not have much experience with sewing. Additionally, a sewing machine also encourages beginners to start making his own clothes. If you follow the pattern and the stitch, it is really not that hard. You will also find out that sewing with the machine can be relaxing and it is certainly comes in handy when you need to commute.

Where to get your machine?

When trying to figure out whether you are passionate or not about dressmaking, consider borrowing a machine from a neighbor or from a friend. It is astonishing to see how many people own sewing machines, but rarely use them. If you are not ready to invest in purchasing a new model, then you can always buy a second hand sewing machine. Not only are you likely to find them at reasonable prices, but some of them are barely used and are in perfect condition. Nevertheless, you should pay attention to which model you choose. The reason for this is that some are designed for beginners and others are more complicated since they are for experienced. There are many online reviews that you can read and figure out which one is for you.

Making the dress

Even if you can choose any fabric, it is advisable to work with natural fabrics such as cotton. Remember that silky and heavy fabrics are hard to work with unless you have some experience. You will not need more than 2 or 3 yards to make a dress. Next, washing the material is essential to eliminate wrinkles and stains, not to mention that the fabric shrinks. Taking into consideration that making a dress is not exactly child’s play, you should use a pattern, meaning specific measurements and shapes. Just go into any craft store and you will find one. Finally, you have to make sure to follow the pattern and the stitch. Some machines make sewing extremely easy.

Some tips for beginners

Convince the fabric shop owner to explain to you the pattern in simple words. You should also consider joining some sewing groups and learn to work on the same pattern as you. Within these types of groups you can get valuable advice related to rich color accents and other details. Equally important is to surround yourself by sewing enthusiasts and going to regular workshops. Eventually, you will be able to create designs that are superior to those found in shops.



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