Dress options for mother of the bride

A wedding is an important event not only for the bride and groom, but also for their families. The bride will be the one who has to find the perfect dress for the most important day of her life, but let’s not forget that also the mother of the bride has to wear a beautiful dress, for this occasion. It is important for the mother and daughter to consult each other, and see what dresses they should choose. When browsing through the mother of the bride dresses, listed on online platforms, you have to be sure that you choose one age appropriate, and in trend. Here are the main models of dresses which are suitable for a mother of the bride to wear.

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Under the knee dress

You might be still great looking, but you should let the bridesmaids wear above the knee dresses, this time, because for your daughter’s wedding it is more suitable to wear a longer version of the clothing articles you wear on a regularly basis. The keywords of your outfit should be elegance and simplicity, so you can opt for a dress made from a glamorous fabric, with a simple cut, and which features a colour which does not draw too much attention. You can opt for a model with sleeves or to accessorise it with an elegant fitted jacket.

Long A-line dress

Other option would be to wear a long strapless A-line dress, which is made from a fabric like satin, because this is the standard dress for a mother of the bride’s dress. In case you have large arms you can opt for a dress which has lace sleeves, because it will look more age appropriate on you. In case you do not want to add lace on the top of the dress, you have the possibility to wear a short jacket. Regarding to the colour, you should talk with your daughter to see what her preferences are, because a long dress in a unique colour will be quite of an appearance, and you do not want her to be disturbed by the colour you are opting for.

Classy suit

If you are not the type of person who feels comfortable in a dress, you can opt for a suit, made from two or three pieces, in the shades of the same colour, or in different colours. It is recommended to select a tea-length three piece suit, which is more flattering for many body shapes than a dress is. In case you opt for a sleeveless top, you can wear it with or without a jacket, because this is a very versatile piece. But if you opt for a jacket, you have many options from which to choose, because they can be made of the same fabric as the dress, translucent, simple, plain or decorated with lace. A tea-length suit is very comfortable and you will find it the best option for an afternoon wedding.


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