Do you know how often you should cut your hair?

People who go to the salon are usually divided into two groups: those who see salons as an alternative to having lunch with their friends and those who only need a minimal trim. Regardless of the category they fall into, they think that they have figured out the regular maintenance routine. Or have they? The truth is that no one is really sure how often you should cut your hair. Some women see their hairdresser only a couple of times a year. Is it enough or should you be heading to Starz Salon Spa right away? The following article will enlighten you on the subject.

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The golden rule

According to the standard rule you have to have your hair cut every six weeks. The reason why you have to see the stylist so often is that trimming your hair actually helps you prevent split ends. What happens is that split hair tends to go up the hair shaft, thus making it more thin and prone to breaking. Stylists even warn that split ends cannot be repaired. So, to avoid this you have to have your hair cut frequently. Otherwise, you will not have long, healthy hair. What about dyes and heat styling? If you are a big fan, then you should probably trim your locks every four weeks or so.

Set up a haircut schedule

Although the golden rule says that you have to cut your hair every six weeks, you should know that not all hair grows the same. This means that some people’s hair will grow faster or slower. As a general rule, long hair gets fragile as it gets older, meaning you should respect the golden rule. The same principles apply to medium hair as well. Only women with short hair who want to remain fresh should get it trimmed every four weeks. The main point is that knowing when to cut your hair depends a lot on your goals and the chemicals you use for styling.

Listen to the stylist

Although you may think that you have everything figured out, you still have to listen to the advice of your stylist since maintaining a healthy head of hair is not accomplished overnight. Not only do professionals know how often you should come back, but they also know which products you need. If the stylist is good, then your haircut should last you up to eight weeks. To make sure that you keep on track of your maintenance routine, pre-book your next appointment.



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