Create perfect wedding décor using ribbons

Besides being the most important day of your life, the wedding is, without any doubt, a stressful event. There are so many decisions to make during the organization process, than soon enough you will end up feeling overwhelmed. One of the most important things you will have to choose for the big event is the venue: it has to be cosy and welcoming, so that the guests feel comfortable, but also edgy and stylish. In addition to this, you want to find something quite special, different from anything you have seen before. To this end, you will have to make some adjustments to the venue provided by the wedding planner. If you have time and want to make sure everything turns out exactly how you imagined it, then the best thing you could do is start a DIY project. Gather your brides maids, explain them what you want and get to work. Here are some of the most original ideas you can implement using only ribbons:

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Improvise a new ceiling

If you have chosen an indoor venue, but you think that traditional ceiling is too cold or the space needs some more colours, try to improvise. Cover the existing roof with long straps of colourful ribbons, for an outgoing and laid-back result. You will create the illusion of open space, which will make the room seem bigger and the atmosphere more airy. If you have opted for an outdoor or garden wedding, then this idea is absolutely amazing. Not only it will bring a touch of originality to the décor, but it will also delimitate space and create an intimate atmosphere for all the participants.


Make a ‘welcome’ gate

If you want to welcome your guests in a really special manner, make sure you receive them in front of a gate you made yourself. Use a metallic frame and adorn it with flowers and ribbons that respect the same colour scheme. You can use personalised ribbon for weddings, because there are plenty of companies offering customization services. Whether you choose to print special messages for each guest, or a simple ‘welcome!” banner, everyone will be impressed by your thoughtfulness.


Design a delicate partition

In order to separate space, try to forget about traditional methods (panels, false walls etc) and improvise using ribbon. Make a curtain out of narrow straps of fabric ties one next to another to isolate space. Whether you are using this to define the candy bar section, hide a storage unit or create an unusual picture panel, it will look original and stylish.


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