Common Women’s Health Issues

As women, we don’t only have to be concerned with staying beautiful and fashionable, with caring for our makeup, hairstyle and wardrobe, but with our health as well. When they say “beauty comes from within”, they don’t just refer to character and a good personality, but to the health of the body as well. Someone who is ill, or in poor health, will show it physically most times, and no matter how much makeup you put on, you will still look tired and exhausted. But we don’t have to take care of our health just for the sake of appearance; it is the right thing to do, and nobody else will do it for us. That being said, in today’s article we will present the most common women’s health issues, as well as some womens health advice that will teach you how to avoid these problems.

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Men and women have slightly different concerns when it comes to our health; we have different predispositions, or we have to take different measures in order to stay healthy. A first example is osteoporosis, a disease caused by a deficiency of calcium in the body; a large part of women can suffer from it towards old age, but with a healthy lifestyle including sports and balanced meals, perhaps even some calcium supplements if the doctor recommends them, we can avoid grave issues. However, one of the most common women’s health issues is heart disease; in fact, it is one of the primary factors of death in both men and women, and some of its causes have to do with modern lifestyles – access to fatty foods all the time -, and modern jobs – desk, sedentary jobs with long hours. Thus, in order to avoid heart disease, women have to watch out for stress, obesity, lack of activity, high blood pressure, diabetes, etc.

The next of common women’s health issues is one of the more dangerous; breast cancer kills about 1% of all women every year, but the good news is that it can be treated if diagnosed on time. Therefore, the best womens health advice is to constantly have their breast checked. If your physician fails to diagnose breast cancer, or to treat it on time, you can sue for medical negligence, and find a good solicitor to make your case. However, it is also up to you to regularly check yourself by palpating you breasts for lumps. With this gruesome disease, you can also try to prevent by improving your lifestyle, but it has been noticed that incidents grow in numbers each year.

Another common health issue that women experience is the polycystic ovarian syndrome, or PCOS, which causes the creation of cysts on the ovaries while the woman is ovulating. This disease affects 10% of women each year, and while most times they are not malignant, they can cause pains, or a rupture of the uterus, which in turn translates as infertility. Finally, perhaps the most common illness on the planet, and one of the very common women’s health issues, is depression. It is said that depression affects 50% more women than men, and it’s understandable seeing how many responsibilities the modern woman has to juggle. She has to be beautiful and appealing, she has to have a career, she has to be a wife and a mother, and so on. No wonder then that things start to seem overwhelming, especially since the media puts some high – unrealistic – standards on women’s appearance.

All in all, it is up to us women to set our priorities straight, to never let go of our health, and to pursue our interests no matter society’s expectations of us. We’ve made so much progress in the last century it would be a pity to lose the battle against some illness.


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