Cleopatra Makeup Tutorial for a Unique Halloween Appearance

Cleopatra was one of the greatest pharaohs of Ancient Egypt. She was both powerful and beautiful, which helped her seduce many men during her lifetime. These days, women all around the world try to imitate the Cleopatra makeup style. However, it can be considered a little eccentric, so we recommend you to wear this kind of makeup only for Halloween or to a thematic party.

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The first step you need to take in order to realize a Cleopatra makeup is to apply a mat yellow foundation to your face and use a dark powder to highlight your cheekbones.

Although Cleopatra is known in history as a very beautiful woman, the latest studies and technologies have demonstrated that she had a pretty big nose. This is not necessarily a bad thing, because we all know perfection can be boring sometimes, so this type of detail can actually bring a big contribution to someone’s expression. This is why you need to add some of the queen’s charm to your face by using shades on the center of your nose.

If you want to adopt a Cleopatra makeup style, you should know that the eyes are the ones that really stand out in this equation. You can choose between green and blue eye shadows in order to obtain her gorgeous look. Whatever your choice is, you have to apply the eye shadow on the superior eyelid and up to the eyebrows.

Use a black eyebrow pencil in order fill up your eyebrows. If you want to create a great visual impact, you have to elongate them. Still, make sure you don’t press too hard because otherwise you will obtain an artificial look.

You need tape in order to contour your eyes; this is how you must use it: place a layer of tape under your eyes and extend it out to your temporal area; fill up the remaining space with a gel liner and extend the line until it hits the point where your eyebrows and the tape meet. The superior lid contour must be done in a curved way and it has to be extended towards the temples. Make sure the lines are straight and symmetrically drawn.

The last thing you need to do is apply lots of mascara on your eyelashes and color your lips using a red or orange lipstick. Don’t forget to borrow Cleopatra’s confident attitude, too. This way you can be sure you’ll have the aspect of an ancient goddess and everyone will notice that. If you are looking for a Halloween costume to match with this makeup, visit There, you will find an amazing Egyptian Goddess costume as well as numerous other original costume ideas.


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