Christmas Gift Ideas for Men who Are Passionate About Sports

As Christmas is quickly approaching, you should have already defined your Christmas gift list. However, if you have had other things on your mind, you needn’t despair as there is still plenty of time. Since we know that buying gifts for men is never easy, we thought you could use a little help. Furthermore, since moth men are passionate about sport, we could think of no better gift inspiration than sport itself. Therefore, whether your partner enjoys playing golf or doesn’t miss a football match, you will definitely find inspiration in our gift ideas.

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Golf related gifts

A sportsy gift depends greatly on your budget. If money is not a problem, we would suggest a golf rangefinder for your golf playing partner. Even if he already has a rangefinder, we are certain that he wouldn’t mind a newer model, especially since, these gadgets always come with improved features. If you don’t know anything about these gadgets, you should check out some reviews on On the other hand, if you are short on cash, there are numerous cheaper golf related gifts that you can consider. For example, online you can find golf themed barbeque sets, personalized golf tees, golf club pen sets or even a replica golf game for his office.

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Football related gifts

You may have noticed that when it comes to decorations, men prefer miniature replicas which relate to their passions. That is why so many men decorate their offices with car toys. If your partner is passionate about football, we might enjoy a miniature football stadium replica that he can build himself. Or perhaps he would enjoy a football lecture such as “Football Oddities”.

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Baseball related gifts

For a baseball enthusiast there are countless gift ideas to choose from such as a: baseball stitch wallet, baseball cufflinks, a golf stadium replica, baseball tie tacks, a signature baseball watch or a baseball desk caddy.

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Basketball related gifts

While researching various gift ideas, we came upon the funniest possible gift for a basketball fan: a basketball laundry shot. After all, since men like to throw their laundry around, they mights as well make a game out of it, this time the point being to actually land the laundry in the basket, and not near it. If you are in the market for a fancier gift, we are certain that any men would like a basketball signed by their favorite player. That might be harder to come by, but if you do find it, it will definitely make for the perfect gift.


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