Cellulite 101 – causes and prevention

Cellulite is one of the conditions that affects a large number of women, and the majority of them feel ashamed to show their body when they know that their legs have the texture of an orange peel. However, you should not develop a complex from having cellulite, because almost every woman you meet on the street deals with this issue. They key is to accept that you are dealing with one of the most spread skin issues, and to start changing your lifestyle for improving its condition. One option would be to start using treatments offered by clinics that provides body contouring services. But, before starting to look for a treatment for it, you have to identify what it causes, and how you can prevent its formation, because you have to treat it as any other condition. You have to understand that cellulite is not normal fat that grows under your skin, it is fat that grows around your connective tissues and this leads to pucker skin.

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Why do I have cellulite?

This is one of the most asked questions, because women just cannot understand why they are dealing with this issue. You do not have to be overweight to have cellulite, because even thin women can have it. In case you are dealing with extra pounds, you would reduce cellulite by losing weight.

The main factors, which lead to cellulite, are:

  • fad or poor diet
  • hormone changes
  • slow metabolism
  • Dehydration
  • lack of physical activity
  • total body fat

In case you have a lighter skin shade, the cellulite is more noticeable than if you have darker skin, so this is one of the causes, why you might have the impression that some women do not deal with this issue.

How do it prevent cellulite?

The first step in preventing its appearance is to have a healthy diet. So you have to avoid eating aliments which are high in cholesterol, sugar and saturated fats. You have to make sure that you do not eat sugary pastries, deep-fried foods, candies and sodas. At least twice a day you have to eat fruits and leafy greens, and drink two liters of water every day. In addition, you can prevent the formation of cellulite if you brush your skin with a skin brush or loofah sponge when you are showering or bathing. In this way, you would stimulate the blood and lymph flow and you would eliminate the dead cells from the surface of your body. Make sure not to scrub your skin, because it would cause you reddening and irritation, you have to brush your skin gently. You should not intoxicate your body with illegal drugs, alcoholic beverages and cigarettes, because they are harmful toxins, and they would lead to cellulite growth. An effective method of preventing and treating cellulite is to get body massages and treatments especially designed for this purpose at a professional clinic. Consult a therapist and ask them offer you recommendation in this case, they would know that treatments are effective in your case, after they would assess the type of cellulite you have.


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