Celebrity Makeup Mistakes

Celebrities are an inspiration when it comes to fashion and makeup. However, they are also human, so they make mistakes, too. Celebrity makeup mistakes are the most often encountered in these situations. So, let’s learn from them and see how we can to avoid some occurred moments.

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Ziyi Zhang appeared at a red carpet festivity wearing a red lipstick. It’s nothing wrong with that, but it seems there are some types of lipsticks that can very easily find their way towards our teeth. So, you should know a red shade has three times more pigment than the neutral ones. In order to prevent stains from appearing, you must apply a bed of foundation before you put on the lipstick. This will offer your lips an extra volume, so you won’t longer have to use more than one coat of lipstick to get that plumping sensation you want.

Another great celebrity makeup tip is to rub some petroleum jelly over your front teeth. This way you will create a barrier which will not allow the color to stick to them. Furthermore, your smile will look glossier than ever. Petroleum jelly also makes for an amazing lash growth serum. All you have to do is buy some dispensable mascara brushes and brush your eyelashes with petroleum jelly. If you don’t trust natural remedies, professional lash growth serum products can be as cheap as $10.

Every celebrity likes to get tanned and, these days, they can do that very easily by making a visit to a beauty shop. Still, there are some makeup mistakes involved regarding this aspect. You should know the face will always look whiter than the rest of your body. We wash our face more frequently than our body and this is the main reason the fading process starts.

In order to avoid that, you could buy a darker foundation than your usual one, or use a bronzing blush after applying the makeup. The secret lies in how you use the blush, because it has to be applied in special places. The celebrity makeup artists advise us to use it on our forehead, cheekbones, nose and neck. This way an optical illusion is created and nobody will notice the color differences between your face and the rest of your body.

Rihanna, Cameron Diaz and Drew Barrymore are just a few of the artists who made the same makeup mistake. They have a few pictures in which they wear a concealer that is too light for their skin tone. So, the only thing they succeeded was to get a reverse raccoon eyes aspect.

Our advice is to use a concealer that is only one shade lighter than your foundation. Apply it on your wrist first in order for it to warm up and become more fluid. Avoid those products that contain zinc, because zinc is extremely visible in the pictures taken with flash.


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