Box-spring beds (Boxspringbetten) – the secret to a good night’s sleep

A box-spring bed (Boxspringbett) is known for the high level of comfort (Schlafkomfort) that it provides, but it can also be very stylish and turn any bedroom (Schlafzimmer) into a beautiful, fashionable room. The bed (Bett) is the most important and imposing item within a bedroom (Schlafzimmer), but also has a significant practical use, which is why a great bed (Bett) is the one that perfectly combines style with functionality.  Furthermore, one can now find this type of beds (Betten) at very affordable prices at online providers, such as Möbelisten, a top manufacturer and distributor of luxury beds (Luxusbetten) in Germany. The company works with their own designers and creates not only beautiful furniture (Möbel), but also high quality pieces, offering customers a great variety to choose from. You can purchase bed (Betten) sets with bonell springs, memory foam, pocket springs, latex, cashmere, horsehair, silk and many other great materials, depending on your wishes and needs, ensuring a unique and relaxing sleeping experience (Schlafkomfort).

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The box-spring bed (Boxspringbett) frame is known for its ability to provide individuals with a more restful sleep (erholsamer Schlaf), compared to the traditional slatted frame. But it’s not just the frame that contributes to one’s comfort, but also the mattress (Matratze). Möbelisten allows customers to choose from a variety of hardness degrees (Härtegrade) when it comes to the choice of mattress (Matratze), delivering the most suitable product, whether they choose a harder mattress (Matratze) or a more soft and cuddly type. As a leading provider and manufacturer of boxspring beds (Boxspringbetten), Möbelisten rounds off their box-spring beds (Boxspringbetten) with a high quality topper, which can also be of various materials. The organic horsehair (Rosshaar) option is one of the best, offering climate flexibility, in the sense that it cools down during the summer and it keeps bodies warm during the winter. With such comfort and flexibility, it’s no wonder how the box-spring bed (Boxspringbett) frame and the adjacent accessories (Zubehör) are the secret to the best sleep (bester Schlaf). Furthermore, as mentioned above, box-spring beds (Boxspringbetten) are more than just comfortable, they can be extremely stylish and classy, giving your bedroom (Schlafzimmer) an upscale look. The fact that you have a wide array of choices when it comes to material and color, so that you can personalize your bed (Bett), is also a wonderful benefit.

The headboard (Kopfteil) of box-spring beds (Boxspringbetten) provides you with quite the variety as well and Möbelisten offers customer everything they could possibly want, from classic smooth headboards (Kopfteilen) to modern LED lighting ones. In addition, the established and reputable store offers you individual, personal advice on purchasing the right bed (Bett), mattress (Matratze) and topper, so that your sleeping system (Schlafsystem) would be complete and you would enjoy a restful sleep (erholsamer Schlaf) every night. It seems that Möbelisten has found the perfect solution for bedroom furniture (Schlafzimmermöbel) and sets, a box-spring bed (Boxspringbett) frame with the perfect mattress (Matratze) choice and topper, offering customers a great looking bed (Bett) that is also cozy and healthy for their backs. Having a great variety of models and fabrics (Stoffe) at your disposal when you are browsing luxury beds (Luxusbetten) is important, as the investment can be quite significant, although by choosing to collaborate straightly with manufacturers (Hersteller), such as Möbelisten, you will be able to benefit from much lower prices. If you’re interested in other sources for mattresses and beds, you can go to and expand your search towards other types of products as well; while the beds presented above are very qualitative indeed, they may not cater exactly to your sleeping or relaxation problems.



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