Be sexy in NFL clothing

A lot of women think that being sexy or dressing in a sexy manner for their partners means naughty lingerie, high heels or deep cleavage and while that might be true in many cases, there is another way that women can be alluring without even buying lingerie. If you take good care of yourself and adopt the right attitude, you can be mind blowing in NFL clothing or men’s wear anyway. Imagine for instance that one night, after you’ve previously spent the day doing all grooming necessary, you wait for your loved one in a sexy pair of knickers instead of thongs and with a man’s shirt on top, no shoes whatsoever, but topsy-turvy hair and smokey eye makeup. That will certainly be a complete turn on for your partner and surely a surprise as most men are used to women wearing all sorts of corsets and thongs and sexy lingerie when they are trying to entice them.

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Another great way to add a little extra hot to your relationship or to surprise your partner in this manner can be waiting for him at home on a game night, with beer and chips or whatever he likes, but with you dressed in NFL clothing. Now, of course this doesn’t mean you should put on an entire equipment, but just an NFL T-shirt that is long enough to slightly cover the upper part of your buttocks, giving away just enough to turn him on. You can also try the topsy-turvy hair style with this outfit, but you will also score with pigtails, that’s for sure. If you really want to emphasize your sexiness, since the T-shirts covers most of your body, you should focus on your legs, maybe rub some shiny oil on them or even some tanning lotion. The idea is that this type of clothing can be truly alluring and hot if you have the right attitude and you combine it with the right type of makeup, underwear and hairstyle. Moreover, it is the element of surprise, the change that will entice your partner the most and he will definitely not be watching the game, at least not all of it.


All things taken into account, women can be sexy in virtually anything, not just naughty lingerie, if they know what appeals to their partners and how to make an outfit work, whether it’s NFL clothing, basketball outfit or simply a men’s shirt. In fact, stepping away from the overly used sexy lingerie and trying to entice their men in a different manner is an applaudable initiative and more women should have the guts to try it. This type of initiatives can actually rekindle the fire in your relationship and help you get out of the monotony, an issue that concerns many women, especially those in long term relationships or marriages, feeling that part of the passion has been lost on the way.


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